Mount Rinjani Hiking Terms for 2019

Mount Rinjani hiking activity was closed since the earthquake hit Lombok in August 2018. Now, the mountain which has an altitude of 3,726 mdpl is reopened again started on June 14, 2019.


Even though it has been reopened, there are some conditions that must be fulfilled by climbers. The following are the summary of some new rules that you should know if you plan to Mount Rinjani hiking.


one of mount rinjani camp site

Credit: AceAdventure


1. You must register online. The first step that must be taken by climbers is to register online. Online booking for Mount Rinjani hiking can be done through the website or through the eRinjani application which can be downloaded at Playstore.


After opening the website then fill in the data, as well as the date of departure. Afterwards, prospective climbers are required to show ePrint booking code, identity cards, life insurance tickets and health certificates for climber verification to the clerk at the entrance spot.


2. Local officials only open four tracks with limited quota to climb to Mount Rinjani. The four tracks are Sembalun, Timbanuh, Senaru and Aikberik. Each track has a quota of climbers. Through Sembalun (East Lombok) as many as 150 people, Timbanuh (North Lombok) 100 people, Senaru line (North Lombok) 150 people and Aikberik (Central Lombok) as many as 100 people. If it is calculated per day only 500 climbers are allowed to climb to Mount Rinjani, that includes porters and guides.


rinjani trekking through sembalun

Credit: LimaKaki


3. Climber can only reach the Pelawangan area when hiking. The climbers are not allowed to go to Rinjani Summit and Segara Anak Lake, and their final stop only at Pelawangan. Pelawangan is considered quite feasible as the end point of the climb for a while until PVMBG assesses the entire areas are safe. But even so, the climbers don’t have to be disappointed because the panorama of Pelawangan Sembalun or Senaru is quite beautiful.


Pelawangan has also a fairly wide terrain for camping. From that location, climbers can see the Mount Rinjani summit without having to climb it while enjoying the beauty of Segara Anak Lake and Mount Baru Jari which is still active.


mount rinjani trekking

Credit: BelalangTua


4. There are three signs that must be obeyed. The first sign, for example in a danger or vulnerable area will be installed a red sign. The second stake or sign is yellow, means that it can last for a while while taking a photo, but it should not be too long. The third sign is blue which means that the location is safe and can be used for camping.


Ticket prices for entering the Mount Rinjani area are local visitors are charged a rate of IDR5,000 per person per day on weekdays. Holidays IDR7,500 per person per day. For foreign tourists are IDR150.000 per person per day if normal days and IDR250.000 per person per day if holidays.