8 Top Things to Do in Gili Air

Gili Air is one of our favorite island in Lombok. It’s name is Gili Indah Village which has a meaning “beautiful village island”. It is located in North Lombok (West Nusa Tenggara). The island is closest to the mainland and has greater population than the other Gilis, the Trawangan and Meno.


The combination of crowded night life and the comfort of unwinding can be found here. Indeed, Gili Air is a blend of Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan atmosphere.


In the eastern part of the island you will find row of bars which are always crowded for sunset. Meanwhile, in the western part of Air, you will see beautiful white sand beach. One of the most popular activities here is snorkeling and diving.


There are some interesting spots like Air Wall, Air Slope, Frogfish Point, Segaluh and Malang Reef on Gili Air that offer extraordinary underwater beauty. Tourists will find a variety of beautiful coral reefs, watch various types of fish swim around and if lucky they will find turtles here.


Gili Air still leaves many interesting spots to swim with its clean and clear water. For your reference, here are some top things to do in Gili Air.



1. Jogging while enjoying the amazing beach view


Jogging while enjoying the amazing beach view

Credit: Inovasee


Near the beach of Gili Air, a jogging track is provided for tourists, which is enclosed with rows of tropical plants. You can jog along the shore while enjoying the stunning views of the beach. With its dazzling white sand and blue sea water, your jog activities will be more refreshing.



2. Snorkeling to enjoy the marine biodiversity


snorkeling activity in gili air

Credit: GotravelaIndonesia


Try to do the snorkeling activity when the waves are sloping to enjoy the marine biodiversity around Gili Air. The area commonly used for snorkeling is in the eastern part of the Gili, where you will see extraordinary scenery. Fish and corals will accompany you while you snorkel, the depth starts from 1.5 meters and the beach officers has put some warning signs as a limit for save snorkeling.



3. Diving to explore the underwater beauty of Lombok


Diving in gili air to explore the underwater beauty of Lombok


If you have more time to spend in this island and swimming skill try diving deeper to explore the underwater world of Gili Air. You can visit five favorite spots that offer stunning underwater scenery. Some of them are Air Wall, Frogfish Point and Malang Reef. Here you can see rows of coral reefs with colorful fish. This area is a paradise for divers and Gili Diving is one of the best in Indonesia region.



4. Surfing when high waves


surf the gili air beach

Credit: BlueWaterExpress


You can also do surfing on Gili Air beach but you have to be patient waiting for the right time to do it as the wave are mostly calm in this island. Please discuss with the local surfer before you paddle out as some surf spots are dangerous because of the sharp coral.



5. Cycling around the island


cycling the gili air

Credit: Mcleancamino


This is the best part of the Gili’s including  Gili Air , you can get around this island using only a bicycle. Within two to three hours you already finished exploring the island. There are many bicycle rentals that you can visit. Bike rental prices are quite cheap, which ranges from IDR30-50 thousand per day.



6. Sunbathing


sunbathing on the beach of gilis

Credit: Dwohoo


Gili Air can be said to have the eternal summer. You can sunbath while looking at the beauty of the beach, listening to the music or reading books. There are plenty of sunbathing spots that you can take along the beach but most of them are the property of hotels or inn facing directly towards to the beach.



7. Shopping


shopping in gili air

Credit: NOMADasaurus


Yes, you can do shopping on Gili Air! From small boutique stores selling clothing for both men and women, to local beachfront stalls. You can also buy handicrafts made from wood or coconut shell, locally produced jewelry and homeware. Coconut oil is a popular purchase and all make perfect gifts or souvenirs. If you want more shopping, island hop over to Gili Trawangan. Experience how the locals travel on a public boat, or take one of the fast boats which run every hour. It is easy to jump from one island to another among the Gilis using boats.



8. Try some amazing food in Gili Air


amazing food in Gili Air

Credit: MyFaveAcres


Because Gili Air is so small and quiet, one thing you will enjoy here is the Indonesian food and especially the local taste from Lombok. Whether you are a meat lover or a friendly vegan, with more than 50 restaurants and local warung, Gili Air has a wide range of choice to choose from.


We are happy to share our top 3 address :

  1.  Le Sate Bar: The sate bar offers  delicious ” Brochette” of meat or vegetables according to the taste of each, accompanied by some tasty peanut sauce or Indonesian sambal. The card is very simple and the prices are very reasonable.
  2. Classico Italiano Pizzeria: Wow, this must be the best pizzeria in Indonesia. This is typical Italian cuisine in the heart of Indonesia. The pizza’s are fresh and tasty, simple ingredients but of guaranteed quality, delicate and refined dishes, cooked with love and passion. Excellent staff and also very honest prices. Don’t forget the Tiramisu, it is heaven!
  3. Musa CookeryVibrant vegetarian cafe with loads of vegan options. If you are looking for something healthy with a chilled atmosphere, this is the place to be. For morning lovers, they have excellent healthy bowl.