8 Reasons You Should Visit Gili Nanggu Lombok

Gili Nanggu Lombok is one of a small group of white sandy islands inhabited by thousands of species of fishes and coral reefs. It is also an uninhabited island along with other 11 small islands in the Sekotong region, West Lombok. This island is more private for holiday because there is only one lodging so tourist can experience desolate life on a small island.


Among some remote islands in Sekotong area, Gili Nanggu is the most popular one because it is the first destination to be introduced and is one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Lombok and a paradise for marine tourism.


However, there are also several tourist activities and other islands around Nanggu that tourists can be visited with their own charm. Here are some reasons why you should visit Gili Nanggu Lombok.



1. Gili Layar – The expanse of blue coral that will spoil the eyes


gili layar sekotong lombok

Credit: Pesonatravel


Gili Layar is located at the very end of other 10 dyke. The island is filled with various types of coral reefs and one of the famous one is the “blue coral” which can only be found in 2 places in the world which are in the Caribbean and Lombok seas.


There is nothing you can find on the land area besides the lush expanse of trees. But only a few meters from the shoreline you will surely be amazed by the underwater life that is so pretty and still natural. This island is only visited by tourists for snorkeling and diving.



2. Gili Sudak – Nice place to enjoy lunch


Gili Sudak Lombok

Credit: Pesonatravel


Gili Sudak is in the northern part of the islands and is usually visited after tourists are satisfied to snorkel on Gili Nanggu. In this place there is only one restaurant and also a lodge and several small stalls, so for lunch it’s better having in this island.


You can enjoy the food on the edge of the beach which has calm waves while enjoying the view of the green hills.



3. Gili Kedis – An island shaped love symbol


gili kedis aerial view

Credit: Travelifeindonesia


Gili Kedis is usually visited on the way home after the tour in Gilis. This small island is unique in terms of shape similar to the symbol of love. At the edge of the beach there are rocks in the form of a whirlpool so that the sea water that enters the rocks looks like a river flow.



4. Camping


camping in gili nanggu lombok

Credit: Bdg-irman


Staying at a hotel is a common thing but the sensation of overnight will be different if carried out on a small island. Camping on a remote island can be very fun activity to do. Usually camping is conducted in a group by tourists. Tourists can do this activity on Gili Nanggu and Sudak.



5. Kayaking


kayaking around gilis sekotong area

Credit: Pinterest


Kayaking activity is also usually carried out on Gili Sudak. It is because the waves are so calm and shallow so that anyone can try it. You can rent a kayak equipped with a live jacket in front of the Gili Sudak inn.



6. Fishing


fishing in gili nanggu

Credit: LoveTheSearchTravel


Actually, fishing should not be carried out around Gili Nanggu, Gili Sudak and Gili Kedis because these three places are designated as coral and sea turtle conservation areas. Usually fishing is carried out around other islands which is not to far from those islands. The marine life that is still well preserved makes the number of fishes around Sekotong area are abundant.



7. Snorkeling


The snorkeling spot on Gili Nanggu is on the eastern part of the island

Credit: Bisniswisata


The snorkeling spot on Gili Nanggu is on the eastern part of the island where most of the boats are anchored. One thing that certainly makes you amazed when snorkeling in this section is the “storm” fishes which is a group of thousands of baronang fishes circling under the water so it looks like a storm.


But not only in Nanggu, on all islands around Sekotong you can snorkel and it’s a good idea to bring bread to feed the fishes where you can put the food inside used drinking water bottles and the lid is perforated so you can more easily interact with various types of fishes on this island.



8. Diving


diving in gili nanggu waters

Credit: BackpackerBanter


Snorkeling and diving are the main attraction on the islands of Gili. The waters around is very calm and almost choppy and even feels like a lake. You can enjoy this condition by riding a small boat, snorkeling as well as do the Gili diving.




Gili nanggu, Gili Sudak and Gili Kedis are located in Medang Village, Sekotong District, in the southern coast of West Lombok. Getting to this place is quite easy because transportation across the island is sufficient.



How to Get to Gili Nanggu

There are two ways to cross the islands:


1. Through the Port of Lembar

Lembar is the ferry port of Bali – Lombok, the distance from this place is quite close around 20 – 30 minutes. This route is more traveled by those who will stay at Gili Nanggu Cottage because here there are special boats available provided by the hotel. But that does not mean that those who don’t stay at that hotel cannot take this path. There are also many public boats managed by the surrounding community.


To get to the Lembar Port you can use public transportation services. If from Mataram or Senggigi take an “angkot” that goes to Mandalika Terminal, from this terminal then continue to Lembar.


But, if you come from the airport you can use Damri transport services and stop at the Gerung Cow Statue, from here take an “angkot” to the port. This path is traveled by many backpackers because it is cheaper.


2. Through the Port of Tanjung Kelor

Tanjung Kelor Harbour is located in West Sekotong area. This place is a little further from the Lembar Harbor but most visitors take this route because the scenery along the way to Sekotong is very beautiful.


To reach Sekotong, it is better to use travel services, by renting a car, because there is no public transportation to this place. Another reason visitors prefer to depart from this place is because it is more private in using the boat because of the charter system.