6 Interesting Facts About Padar Island Labuan Bajo

Padar Island is the third largest island in the Komodo National Park area, after the Komodo Island and the Rinca Island.


Maybe the existence of Padar Island is not as popular as Komodo Island or Rinca Island, but the beauty of Padar Island is no less beautiful than the two.


The location of Padar Island tends to be closer to Rinca Island compared to the course to Komodo Island and is separated by the Lintah Strait.


Padar Island is also accepted as UNESCO World Heritage Site, because it is within the territory of the Komodo National Park, along with the Komodo Island, Rinca Island and Gili Motang. Although it is located within the Komodo National Park, Padar Island is not inhabited by dragons due to the broken food chain.


Around Padar Island there are also three or four smaller islands that have their own unique panorama. And on Padar Island there is also a stretch of pink beach which is perfect for just swimming, playing water or snorkeling.


In the following, we will review some interesting facts about Padar Island Labuan Bajo that you need to know before traveling to this island.



1. Part of Komodo National Park Area


komodo national park

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It is the most important thing you need to know before coming to this island. Padar Island is part of Komodo National Park area. Padar is located exactly in the western waters of Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara Province.


Because Padar is part of the Komodo National Park area, you cannot do everything carelessly on this island. There are some rules that you must understand before exploring this island.


You can ask the officer who works in the national park area about the regulation. Or you can also try browsing first about what you can and shouldn’t do in this national park area.


To reach Padar island is not too difficult. Just go to Labuan Bajo first. If you are on a plane, you just need to find a ticket that has a destination to Labuan Bajo. Or if you want to save a little, you can also take the bus but it will take longer time.



2. The Third Largest Island in Komodo National Park


lintah strait in padar island

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As mentioned above, that Padar Island is indeed the third largest island in the Komodo National Park. Of the three main islands in this national park, Padar Island occupies the last position in terms of area after Rinca Island and Komodo Island.


And if you look from above, the shape of Padar Island is the most abstract compared to the two main islands in this national park. It is located in the Lintah Strait which separates Komodo Island and Rinca Island. The Lintah Strait itself is famous for its large waves. Therefore, when you take a boat to this island, get ready with a little swaying because of the waves.



3. Closer to Rinca Island than Komodo Island


rinca island near padar island labuan bajo

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The location of Padar Island is indeed between Komodo Island and Rinca Island. So if you depart from Labuan Bajo, you will definitely pass Rinca Island first before arriving on Padar Island.


But, from Padar Island, you can reach Rinca Island closer. If from Komodo Island you need approximately 2 hours. Meanwhile if you are from Rinca Island you only need about 1.5 hours.


Well, if you already know the travel time, of course you can estimate which one the most appropriate route for you.



4. Once Was A Disposal of The Komodo Dragon


problematic komodo dragon in padar island

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One important thing to note before you visit the Padar Island. It is no longer a secret that this lizard is still categorized as wild animals. And there were few cases of the dragons snatched tourists or residents around.


It is said that those problematic dragons were “dumped” into Padar Island. As reported by local media there were about seven Komodo Dragons on this island. Therefore, if you want to go around Padar Island, always ask for guidance from the officers there.



5. Belong to the UNESCO World Heritage Site


padar island is belong to unesco world heritage site

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When you arrive on this island, there are some different atmosphere from the other islands in the Komodo National Park area. Therefore, you will get an interesting and unique experience if you can relax on this island.


Its beautiful natural landscape makes UNESCO inserted Padar Island as one of the World Heritage sites. This has been confirmed since 1991, along with Komodo Island and Rinca Island. So, there’s no doubt about talking about the natural beauty that exist in this island.



6. Trekking with Beautiful Scenery


beautiful sunset in padar island

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For those of you who want to find Instagrammable photo spots, the peak of Padar Island is the right place for you. Because from this peak, you will see “a saddle” connecting two parts of Padar Island.


To get beautiful photos, of course you have to be at the peak during the afternoon. Because enjoying the sunset from a height is an extraordinary moment.


Then, for trekking itself, it won’t take that long. It is about 45 minutes to one hour. However, you will see a beautiful stretch of nature. During the day it’s better to use a hat, because the climate on this island is quite hot. Finally, don’t forget to use outdoor shoes. The terrain that you will pass is quite rough.