5 Indonesia Unique Villages

Talking about the richness and the natural beauty of Indonesia is endless. It seems that every tip in Indonesia has its own story and beautiness. Indonesia’s sea and land have formed a beauty that is rarely possessed by other countries.


One of the beauty and uniqueness of Indonesia when compared to other countries is that Indonesia has some unique villages that are very thick in culture and very tempting to visit. Some of them are the Wae Rebo Village in Flores and the Baduy Village in Banten.


Those villages are two of the many unique villages in Indonesia. Most unique villages in Indonesia still retain cultural values and some still even reject the technology that has changed everything now. Most of Indonesia unique villages still maintain their traditional style. Therefore, these villages then become tourist attractions for locals and even foreigners.


To satisfy your curiosity of any unique villages in Indonesia, we have summarized 5 Indonesia unique villages that exist in some parts of the country.



1. Wae Rebo Village


the unique wae rebo village in manggarai flores island

Credit: Inclovermag


The first unique village to exist in Indonesia and popular worldwide is the Wae Rebo Village located in Satarmase sub-district, Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. In this village there are at least seven conical main houses with the same height and diameter. Each house can be inhabited by 6 to 8 families.


The scenery of the environment around the village is stunning. The expanse of mountains and the green nature are nice things you can enjoy everyday. The location and existence of this circular cone house make Wae Rebo a perfect traditional village.



2. Penglipuran Village


traditional penglipuran village in bali

Credit: RentalMobilBali


Bali is indeed a very famous island and many tourists around the world recognize its beauty. Well, other than the beautiful beaches, it turns out that Bali also has a unique village called Penglipuran Village, located in Bangli Regency. Moreover, this village is touted as the cleanest village on this island of the Gods.


This tourist village is indeed not so big. The area of this village is only 112 hectares with 9 hectares of it being used for settlement. The air and the situation of this village are still natural and thick with Balinese culture. Balinese architecture houses lined on the left and right of the road. Trees, grasses and colorful flowers also seemed to flourish. As far as the eye can see, there is only beauty. In fact, this village is free of motorized vehicles.



3. Baduy Village


traditional culture of baduy village that reject technology

Credit: PesonaTravel


Turning a little to Java Island precisely in Banten Province, there is a unique village that is very thick in traditional culture. It is called the Baduy Village. This village is inhabited by the Baduy Tribe. Moreover, the Baduy Village is divided into two which are the Badui Luar (Outer Baduy) and the Badui Dalam (Inner Baduy). For those of you who want to come to this village can directly go to Ciboleger Village which is the entrance to the Baduy Tribe settlement.


For those of you who like photography and are eager to take pictures from Baduy Village, you should prepare your stamina. It is because from the Ciboleger Village you have to trekking to the Outer Baduy and Inner Baduy settlements for about five hours. The journey is indeed tiring, but along the way you can enjoy the cool air and the enchanting hills.


Arriving in the Baduy settlement, you can see their houses made of bamboo and neatly arranged. The river that flows in this settlement is also very clear, because the Baduy people really appreciate nature. Of the several river spots, they use only one for daily life.


Meanwhile another river can be enjoyed by the surrounding community and tourists who come. The forest is also well preserved because the Baduy people always maintain cleanliness and don’t do activities that can ruin the forest.



4. Trunyan Village


unusual culture and customs in trunyan village bali

Credit: Vokamo


Trunyan is a very unique village located in Bangli Regency, Bali. If other villages have a beauty value, then Trunyam village is actually the opposite. This village is said to be a unique village because of the unusual culture and customs that are still well maintained in this village.


The green scenery in this village is complemented by the abundance of human skulls scattered everywhere. Scary certainly, but this is what makes Trunyan unique. This village has a grave on the east side of Lake Batur. Here, the body is not buried. The corpse is laid on the ground until it start to rot. This tradition is different from the majority of other Balinese who do the Ngaben ceremony when someone dies.



5. Kete Kesu Village


unusual tradition to treat corpses in kete kesu village

Credit: DenmasDeni


Almost same as Trunyan Village in Bali, Kete Kesu Village which is located in Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi, has also an unusual tradition to treat corpses. People in this tourist village have a belief that burying human remains on a rock cliff is a good thing. So don’t be surprised if you see skulls strewn on various sides of cliffs in Kete Kesu area. The unique culture and traditions of Tana Toraja attracts many tourists from all parts of the world.


Kete Kesu Villagers have two methods of burial. First, the bodies can be placed in rock mountains and natural caves and the second, the bodies are placed in house grave or in Toraja language is called “patane”. While on vacation to this village, you can see the Toraja coffin called “erong”. The shape is symbolized by the genitals or the head of animals. Most of these erong have reached 500 years old.