Top 10 Indonesia Calendar of Events 2020

Indonesia Calendar of Events 2020 is one of strategic programs from Indonesia Tourism Ministry in promoting tourism destinations through events to increase foreign tourist visit and to encourage domestic tourists to travel around Indonesia.


Organizing some events are absolutely necessary to be listed in the Calender of Events (CoE) and it is also important for tourists to easily know tourism events in each region.


The Wonderful Indonesia CoE was first created in 2017, but curators were not yet presented. At that time the Indonesia Tourism Ministry only asked for the top 3 events proposal from each province in Indonesia. Then in the following year, the determination of Calendar of Event must apply the “3C” criteria, which are Cultural or Creative Values, Commercial and Communication Values and CEO Commitment.


Then, hundreds of events were proposed by each regions from 34 provinces throughout Indonesia to be curated by the curators team of Indonesia Tourism Ministry, furthermore, to be designated as 100 Wonderful Indonesia Calendar of Events 2020. Of the 100 events, the Top 10 of Indonesia Calendar of Event 2020 was chosen again.


All events included in CoE 2020 will receive assistance and support for media promotion and for the event’s implementation. The following are the Top 10 Indonesia Calendar of Events 2020.



1. Bali Arts Festival


bali arts festival part of indonesia calendar of events

Credit: ReutersCommunity

The Bali Arts Festival, or commonly known as the PKB, is an annual cultural and artistic festive event. The initial goal is to accommodate the aspirations of Balinese art and preserve it. The Bali Arts Festival has been held for decades and first began on June 20th, 1979. The PKB is usually held mid-year around June and lasts for about 30 days.


Bali Arts Festival is one of the people’s festival which is very useful for building creativity and community activity. In addition, this event has been held routinely since long ago. Even the yearly implementation has been regulated. Therefore, to preserve this event is a priority, especially for the indigenous people and young generation of Bali.



2. Jember Fashion Carnival


jember fashion carnival in indonesia

Credit: Okezone


Jember Fashion Carnaval or often called JFC is a fashion carnival event which is held every year in Jember City, East Java, since 2003. This carnival was initiated by Dynand Fariz with Dynand Fariz Fashion House, who is also the founder of JFC Center (JFCC). JFCC is a non-profit organization that houses all JFC activities and is professionally managed and audited by authorized institutions.


The main program of JFC is organizing a carnival once a year with a different theme each year. Usually the event is followed by more than 400 participants on the main road of Jember and witnessed by hundreds of thousands of spectators. This carnival has become very popular and one of the best tourist attractions in Jember.


Carnival participants make unique and interesting clothes that are all competed to win the best fashion creations award. The best participants in various categories were awarded the JFC Awards.



3. Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival


Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival

Credit: BreakingNews

Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival is a carnival that represents the original traditional customs of Banyuwangi. This carnival is held every year and was first held in 2011. The implementation of Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival always promote the local culture theme. Hundreds of carnival participants wear costumes based on different carnival themes each year.


Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival is a “bridge” between traditional and modern art so that it is more acceptable internationally. Each year, the Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival is held along the Banyuwangi Regency main road.



4. ArtJog


ArtJog is a contemporary art exhibition held in jogja

Credit: Femina

ArtJog is a contemporary art exhibition that is held annually in the city of Yogyakarta and usually takes place for a full month in May, June or July period each year.


ArtJog which is considered as a barometer of contemporary art in Indonesia always presents art performers from various backgrounds, both domestic and abroad, with various forms of their artworks – ranging from two dimensions, three dimensions to creation of performance art and installation art.


Usually the Art Jog is held at the Yogyakarta Cultural Park. This event was first held in 2008 under the name Jogja Art Fair which is a series of events Yogyakarta Art Festival XX. In 2009 Jogja Art Fair separated from the Yogyakarta Art Festival and in 2010 changed its name to Art Jog.



5. Sanur Village Festival


the annual sanur village festival

Credit: Kompasiana

Sanur Village Festival (SVF) is an annual folk party held by the Sanur Development Foundation. The YPS was founded in 1965 by around 22 prominent figures who were concerned with the development of the Sanur Village. At that time, Sanur was recorded as one of the fastest growing tourism areas in Bali.


YPS is a place for solving various problems such as security issues, environmental cleanliness, cultural preservation and community economic empowerment. YPS believe the development of the tourism industry in Sanur must be accompanied by an increase in the economic income of the surrounding community as well as the preservation of the environment, tradition and culture. Therefore, YPS organizes various activities aimed to increase the involvement of local residents in various tourism activities. One of these activities is the Sanur Village Festival, which was initiated since 2005.


Sanur Village Festival is a combination of several large-scale activities involving kite festival, food festivals, creative economic exhibitions, various contests, cultural arts attractions, music, and various types of environmentally friendly activities.



6. Ironman 70.3 Bintan


Ironman 70.3 Bintan

Credit: BintanTourism

Ironman 70.3 Bintan is one of the triathlon championship series organized by the WTC world triathlon corporation. The number 70.3 refers to the total distance that is contested which is 70.3 miles or 113 km, which consists of swimming 1.9km, bicycles 90km and running 21.1km. This event is a gathering place for running, bicycling and swimming athletes from many countries.


The Ironman competition is usually centered at Plaza Lagoi as a tourism development center located in Lagoi Bay, Bintan Resort area. The execution of this international event in Bintan strengthens Bintan’s position as a world-class sport tourism destination.


Ironman 70.3 athletes will swim 1.2 miles (1.9 km) in calm, clear water with a beautiful view of the underwater scenery. Then cycle on the smooth and wide Bintan road along 56 miles (90 km). Ends with a running race in 3 laps along 21.1 km.



7. Borobudur Marathon


Borobudur Marathon is part of Indonesia calendar of events 2020

Credit: BorobudurPark

Borobudur Marathon is an international running event that presents the natural charm of Borobudur Temple area. This event is located around the Lumbini Park Complex, Borobudur Temple Area, Magelang, Central Java.


This event is believed to have a positive impact on tourism sector around the route traversed by the runners. No less important, this eventalso provides entertainment for the community. In return, various community groups also independently provided entertainment for runners and spectators with spontaneous performances on the streets. Some of them performed traditional dances, traditional music, drums, etc.



8. Java Jazz


java jazz festival in jakarta indonesia

Credit: MldSpot


The Java Jazz Festival is the largest international jazz music event that is held annually. This event featured famous musicians from all around the world and Indonesian popular musicians. This event has also been held 14 times since the Java Jazz festival was first held in 2005.


The Java Jazz Festival is usually held at the JIExpo Kemayoran building in Central Jakarta.



9. F8 Festival


makassar f8 festival

Credit: BeritaKotaMakassar


Makassar International Eight Festival & Forum (MIEFF) or better known as F8 Festival is an annual event that accommodates the creativity of writers, filmmakers, photographers, designers, communities and other artists so that it can be enjoyed by many people. Every art creativity is processed from the local potentials of Makassar and its surroundings.


This festival combines 8 festival items that begin with the letter ‘F’, namely film, fashion, fusion music, folk, fiction writers, food & fruit, flora & fauna and fine art.



10. Tomohon International Flower Festival


Tomohon International Flower Festival

Credit: Bekraf


The Tomohon International Flower Festival (TIFF) 2019 is a flower parade that features decorative vehicles garnished using flowers typical of Tomohon City and other areas. Those vehicles are decorated in various shapes and variations according to each participant’s characteristics. The “flowers” vehicles will be also assessed by an independent team of experts who have competence in the field of floriculture.


Other than flower parade, Tomohon International Flower Festival also organizes other activities, which are arts and cultural performances that display the richness of the archipelago through a variety of arts and culture from various regions, both from North Sulawesi and some areas of Indonesia. This festival aims to popularize Tomohon as a city of flowers that has beautiful views of lakes, mountains and waterfalls.