Tips for Solo Travel in Bali

Bali Island is one of favorite destinations for solo trips. In this paradise of the world, various exciting things can be found, starting from the beach to the peak of the mountain, everything that will make you feel at home while spend your vacation time in Bali.


Doing a solo trip to Bali is actually not too difficult. Bali is one of the favorite places, almost all the necessities of life are available and it is not that difficult to find it in Bali.


To get a higher quality vacation in Bali, a traveler also needs to prepare it well in advance. Other than preparing accommodation and transportation, there is also equipment that you need to bring.


But the main thing to consider for a solo trip is careful preparation. Here are some tips for doing a solo travel in Bali so that your holiday will not be boring.



1. Create an itinerary


create an itinerary for solo travel

Credit: 5LostTogether


Every satisfying trip is always accompanied by preparation. The most important preparation before going on a trip is to make an itinerary. Do some research about the places you want to go. There are many travel journals and reviews of tourist attractions in Bali that you can find on the internet, also the Google Map itself is very helpful in finding the location of your destinations.


Preparing a itinerary is very important, don’t become a person who has arrived in Bali and still not sure where to go to. Without an itinerary, your vacation will feel bland. Make a short list of destinations in Bali, where they are, and how to go there. By doing this guaranteed your vacation will be worth it with the money you spend.



2. Book airplane tickets and hotels


Book airplane tickets and hotels before making a trip

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These tips are actually optional, but they are effective tricks to get plane tickets and even hotel rooms at relatively cheap prices. Before doing a trip, make sure to book plane tickets and book hotel rooms a week in advance, especially when you planning to go during holiday season. This is because the price of flight ticket from airlines and booking agent will likely change if you order the ticket suddenly.



3. Choose a strategic and flexible homestay


choose a strategic and flexible homestay for solo traveler

Credit: Homesweethome

Our next tips for solo travel in Bali is accommodation selection. Choosing the place to stay before traveling is mandatory. The thing to note here is that you have to find hotel or homestay as close as possible to the destination. Furthermore, your hotel must be close to the spots that you want to go for efficiency.


When choosing a homestay while doing a solo travel in Bali, make sure with some consideration. Try not to choose a homestay far from the place that on your itinerary list. Although looking for an affordable price is also a consideration, but if the hotel is located far away, you will lose yourself.



4. Rent a vehicle


rent a vehicle in bali for backpacker

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Doing a solo trip, you will definitely come to places that have been prepared beforehand. For this you need to have more flexible time. Choosing to rent a vehicle will actually be more efficient and your time will be more flexible to go anywhere you want.

Solo travel to Bali can be a pleasant moment because in Bali there are many motorbike and car rentals so you can go as you wish. You can ask for rental information to the nearest person there, usually those staying at a hotel can easily get this information or you can search the internet about motorbike or car rental. Rent a motorbike in Bali is also relatively cheap.



5. Tip on packing to Bali


Tip on packing to Bali

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This tip is optional. People tend to be more prepared with luggage compared to travel plans. For a solo traveler, one of the things that can be incriminating is the luggage. But maybe everyone has their own habits. But lessons that can be learned from previous experience is that carrying too much stuff especially excess clothing is less effective.


In addition, more importantly, luggage that is not too heavy does not need to be put in the trunk of the plane, but just carry it into the cabin. Because if you enter the trunk, waiting for the luggage is also quite tiring and time-consuming.


Well, those are some tips for a solo travel to Bali to make your vacation more exciting. Solo trips must be planned carefully, because at your destination you can only count on yourself.