Holiday in Bali On A Budget

Bali is one of Indonesia’s island which has million attractive natural beauty with various tourist destinations from beaches, waterfalls, rivers to beautiful lakes. The most visited tourist attraction in Bali is the stunning views of the beaches. Bali has many beautiful beaches, such as Sanur and Kuta Beaches.


For art tourism, Bali is also famous for having unique handicrafts that you can get from the expensive to the cheapest ones.


Many tourists who vacationing in Bali with family are to spend quality time or just relaxing on the beach and to explore some interesting tourist attractions.


If you have plans for a vacation in Indonesia, Bali is one of the best choices. Everyone has different ways to take a vacation from luxury vacations to backpackers. In fact for Bali, you can try to take a vacation at a super low cost. These simple tips are for those who want to have holiday in Bali on a budget.



1. Make Sure You Come at The Right Time


good season for holiday in bali

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Actually you can come to Bali anytime. However, if you want a vacation with an affordable cost, you should look for information about holiday days that are usually visited by tourists. When the holidays come, most people have plans to spend vacation time to tourist attractions including Bali.


This increase in visitors can cause an increase in various costs, such as ticket prices and other accommodations. Bali has two seasons namely the rain season and the wet season. It is important for you to know the right time to come to Bali.


The best time to come to Bali is around April to September which in these months Bali has a dry season.



2. Manages Your Finances As Well As Possible


cheap holiday in bali

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As holiday in Bali on tight budget you must consider various facilities you want to use. First, you should be able to choose a cheap lodging. You can also find cheap accommodations like hostels, guest houses to capsule hotels. Low cost accommodation can certainly save your budged.


If you are good at finding information, you can get lodging costs at a price of 100,000 IDR per night. You can also find cheap lodgings in Kuta which start from 100,000 – 350,000 IDR per night.


Second, try to find flight ticket promos from various aviation agent sites. Some airline agents will provide special promos in certain months through their official website. Therefore, be sure to find information about ticket prices through official sites and social media from airline agents.


Finally, you can choose tourist attractions that are cheap or free to visit. You can choose to save costs by choosing a tourist area that is free of admission. You can find some free tourist attractions in Bali, such as Seminyak Beach, Pandawa Beach, Calendula Flower Field and many more.


You can also take vacation packages provided by various travel agents ranging from hotels, tickets and tourist attractions. Usually it is more cheaper. However, the drawback is that you are not free to choose the place you like because everything has been determined by the travel agent.



3. Renting A Vehicle Can Be A Good Idea


renting vehicles in bali for fair price

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People who are adventurous might like to explore Bali. When you want to visit areas that are far away, you definitely need transportation. You have many choices ranging from taking public transportation to renting a car. If you want to rent a car in Bali please book days before you take the tour so you can get fair price.


Motorcycle can also be an alternative that you can choose. Besides having a cheaper rental price, using a motorcycle will give a different sensation on the road. You can feel the wind blowing and see incredible views during the trip.


Basically tourist attractions in Bali have a short distance from each other, so that it can allow you to walk alone. If you still want to rent a vehicle, try to rent early via online to get cheaper price.



4. Choose A Cheap Shopping Place


bali traditional market for cheap price

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If you are interested in buying accessories or various unique items in Bali, you can buy them at the local markets. There, you can find various kinds of jewelry and even Balinese clothes that are more varied and even have cheaper price. If you buy in large quantities, you might be able to bargain for cheaper price and of course this can benefit you in saving vacation costs.



5. Look For A Cheap Place to Eat


street foods in bali for good price

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You can get various Indonesian specialties in Bali, such as satay, fried rice, gado-gado, soto and other. Surely the names of these foods sound strange, but these foods have very good taste. When you are on holiday in Bali on a budget try to find a cheap place to eat which is usually located on the edge of the road (street vendors). You don’t need to worry about the taste of street foods because in general, street foods and restaurants have almost the same taste.



6. Make Sure You Take Care of Valuables


important things to bring on holidays

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Every time you want to make a visit to a place, make sure your belongings are kept safe. We never know for sure the security conditions on the places we visit. Place valuables, such as passports, wallets, cellphones and other valuables in a small bag that you always hang around.


Make sure your place to stay has good security. If you are travelling, make sure you still carry your valuables and always be in front of your body. If you lose your belongings, you can contact the local police so that the police can act immediately and your luggage can be quickly found.