Solo International Performing Arts 2019

Solo International Performing Arts (SIPA) is an international-scale arts performance festival where artists from various cultural backgrounds meet up. Hundreds of artists from various countries, such as Australia, Malaysia, Chilli, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand, have been participated in enlivening the SIPA Festival.


SIPA initiated by Raden Ajeng Irawati Kusumorasri (a dance artist and coreografer) who is also a permanent dancer of the Surakarta Mangkunegaran Palace. It was first conducted at Mangkunegaran Palace in 2009, initiated by Ir. Joko Widodo while serving as mayor of Solo.


Initially the SIPA was held at the Mangkunegaran Palace, but since the fifth event in 2013, the festival was moved to Vastenburg Fortress. The Vastenburg was chosen as the location for SIPA because it has a high historical value and strategic location in the center of Solo City.


Solo International Performing Arts is held in Vastenburg Fortress

Credit: Tripify


Solo International Performing Arts is held by involving young generations of local artists so that they could become the vanguard of Indonesian culture resilience. Their enthusiasm is expected to bring the spirit of togetherness in order to maintain the local arts and culture.


The SIPA committee provide around five thousand seats and beautiful choreographed 33.7 meter long stage for the audience who want to watch the arts and culture shows. Other than organizing traditional and modern art performance, SIPA also presents various exhibitions and bazaars such as batik, handicrafts and culinary products from Solo.


art performance in sipa festival solo

Credit: TheJakartaPost


The city of Solo can be easily reached by land and air travel. Other than visiting Vastenburg fort, the venue for the event, you can also visit Kasunanan Surakarta Palace or shop for batik at the oldest batik center in Indonesia, Kampoeng Batik Kauman, or at Klewer Market to get a cheaper price.


The Solo International Performing Arts is always successfully visited by more than 10,000 viewers every year. The festival is also part of Indonesia’s 100 calendar of events 2019.