7 West Java Batik Motifs and Their Philosophy

West Java batik motifs are very diverse and usually highlight the advantages and characteristics of each region. West Java has a cultural heritage, batik, which is very mesmerizing and fascinating. West Java batik motifs have their own character and characteristics, which are dominated by flora and fauna motifs with brighter and more diverse colors.


West Java batik motifs are strongly influenced by the culture and natural conditions of the batik area. West Java batik motifs also have a deep meaning or philosophy. Moreover, here we present 7 West Java batik motifs and their philosophy each.


1. Mega Mendung Batik Motif (Cirebon)


mega mendung batik motif from cirebon west java

Credit: batik-tulis.com


This batik motif from the shrimp city of Cirebon is indeed very distinctive and easily recognizable with its clouds lined up and its elegant blue color. The Mega Mendung motif has a deep meaning, which is that humans should be able to hold back anger in any situation and must be wise like the cloudy clouds that can make the atmosphere cool.


2. Singa Barong Motif (Cirebon)


singa barong motif from cirebon west java indonesia

Credit: budaya-indonesia.org


Still from the city of Cirebon, apart from Mega Mendung, there is also another motif that is no less popular, called the Singa Barong. Singa barong is a mythological animal believed by the Javanese and Balinese. Singa barong itself is the embodiment of 4 animals which are tiger, dragon, garuda and elephant. The embodiment of those animals in the Singa Barong motif symbolizes toughness and strength so that it is hoped that it will provide physical and mental strength for those who wear this batik.


3. Galuh Pakuan Batik Motif (Ciamis)


galuh pakuan batik motif from ciamis west java

Credit: budaya-indonesia.org


The next popular and very distinctive West Java batik motifs comes from Ciamis. The motif called Galuh Pakuan is inspired by the Galuh Kingdom or better known as the Pajajaran Kingdom. Galuh Pakuan batik has a pattern in the form of a kris handle which is a weapon often used by the King of Galuh in ancient times. Galuh Pakuan Batik is characterized by thick colors with minimalist patterns that illustrate the simplicity of the Pajajaran people.


4. Merak Ngibing Batik Motif (Garut & Tasikmalaya)


merak ngibing batik motif from garut and tasikmalaya west java

Credit: elib.unikom.ac.id


Another well-known West Java batik motif is the popular Merak Ngibing motif of Garut and Tasikmalaya. This motif is characterized by its beautiful pattern of peacocks arranged in geometric patterns. The Merak Ngibing motif or which in Indonesian means “dancing peacock” symbolizes the grace and beauty of the peacock that is expected to be present in the user of this batik.


5. Beasan Batik Motif (Cianjur)


Beasan Batik Motif from Cianjur west java

Credit: kompas.com


Cianjur is known as a producer of superior and quality rice in Indonesia. With its natural conditions dominated by agricultural land, this also affects Cianjur batik motifs. One of the most famous Cianjur batik motifs is the Beasan motif which is inspired by rice plants as one of the largest crop commodities in Cianjur.


6. Kujang Kijang Batik Motif (Bogor)


Kujang Kijang Batik Motif from bogor west java

Credit: pasjabar.com


The last West Java batik motif on this list is the Kujang Kijang motif from Bogor City. The Kujang Kijang motif is inspired by the kujang which is a typical weapon of the Sundanese tribe and the kijang which is the favorite animal of the Bogor people. The Kujang Kijang motif also has its own philosophical meaning, namely the pointed tip of the kujang and the outward-facing kijang horns that illustrate security and provide protection from all directions.


7. Ganasan Batik Motif (Subang)


Ganasan Batik Motif Subang West Java

Credit: kotasubang.com


If Cianjur is famous for its rice, then Subang excels with its pineapple fruit called Si Madu pineapple. The fruit, which is the icon of Subang City, is also the inspiration for batik called Ganasan motif. Ganasan motif has a pineapple fruit pattern which takes inspiration from the pineapple fruit which is the single fruit on a tree with many branches which means that even though there are differences in religion, language and culture in Subang Regency, they still get along in unity with the same purpose for peaceful life.

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