Gorontalo Limboto Lake Panorama

Nature is indeed the main attraction of Indonesia, the beauty of mountains, beaches and lakes is an appeal that attract many tourists. One of the natural beauties that Indonesia has is Lake Limboto. This estuary lake from several major rivers in Sulawesi can attract many tourists to come. If you are looking for a vacation spot, then pack your things and visit Limboto Lake in Gorontalo Province.


Limboto Lake is located in Limboto District, precisely in Gorontalo Province. This lake is quite famous, because it is the center of an estuary of several rivers in Sulawesi. Some of those rivers are Bionga River, Molalahu River, Bone Bolango River, Alo River, and Daenaa River. At least Lake Limboto is the estuary of 23 rivers, which flow down the Sulawesi area.


The area of this lake reaches 3000 hectares, surrounded by beautiful scenery and stunning Indonesian charm of Sulawesi. If you are looking for a view that soothing, pampers your eyes and gives the impression of relaxation as well, then Limboto Lake is worth a visit. You can see the vastness of a lake, where its uniqueness may not be found in any lakes.


The area of limboto lake reaches 3000 hectares

Credit: GarudaIndonesia


For tourists who want to visit Limboto Lake, it is highly recommended to come around August to October. Because during those months the weather is good so you can maximize your vacation. The view of Limboto Lake is even more beautiful, when dusk comes. We can see the reflection of the twilight in the lake water, accompanied by several birds that fly for food in the rice fields around the lake.


Not only seeing the scenery, you can also do various fun activities. Starting from fishing together with the local fishermen, capturing the panorama on each side of the beach. Don’t forget to always bring your favorite camera, when visiting this beautiful lake. The calm gurgling of water and the fragrance of the water flowers around the lake will make you reluctant to leave the place.


Did you know that Limboto Lake has also hot springs. The location of this hot spring is on the western side of the lake. The heat source of Lake Limboto has a constant temperature of 75 degrees, and is currently used as a natural tourism area. Many tourists also come and enjoy this refreshing hot spring.


Limboto Lake has also hot springs

Credit: PedomanBengkulu


Limboto Lake also has an annual festival, which is usually held every September 20-25. This festival lasts for six days and is filled with various interesting activities. If you want to experience a unique and different experience from the people around Gorontalo, don’t miss this annual festival. Prepare your vacation plans, to coincide with the Limboto Lake Festival.


During the Limboto Lake Festival you can see Gorontalo typical cultural parade activities, regional fashion shows and various traditional games. Traditional games here are also carried out on Lake Limboto, for example is the boat race on Lake Limboto. You can also see traditional art performances, to culinary parties.


Tourists can also have the opportunity to swim with the world’s largest fish, the whale shark. Interesting right? Not only local tourists that are interested, even foreign tourists want to experience the opportunity of adventure and swimming experience with the whale sharks.


The purpose of showing all these traditional events, of course, is to spread the culture of Gorontalo and spread the charm of Lake Limboto. The location of Limboto Lake is not far from the center of Gorontalo City and only 16 kilometres from Jallaludin International Airport.


The position of Limboto Lake, as if it is intended for tourist attractions. The location is close to the center of Gorontalo City, making it easy for tourists to find accommodation. Many lodging and bungalows are available and can be adjusted according to the budget you have, or the atmosphere and facilities you need.


limboto lake festival in gorontalo

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In terms of food, you can try fresh grilled fishes that are caught directly by fishermen around the lake. The spices that absorb perfectly into the fish meat, plus the enchanting atmosphere around Lake Limboto will make your appetite increase. Local people sell their catches such as snakehead fish, tilapia, and parrot fishes.


Usually, this processed fishes will be eaten together with the dabu-dabu chili sauce. For your information, dabu-dabu is a chili sauce that has a spicy but refreshing taste in the mouth. Culinary tour around Limboto Lake adding to the charm of this tourist attraction in Gorontalo.


Entering the Limboto Lake area does not cost you anything, but if you want to go along the lake then you need to rent a boat. The rental prices offered by local residents are quite different, depending on the price you offer. This is because the boat rental price will depend on what agreement you have with the boat owner.


By taking a boat, you can go around the lake or visit historical places around Limboto Lake. Some of the historical sites include the Museum Pendaratan Bung Karno, as well as the Otanaha Fortress site. This fort is a trace of the Portuguese in Gorontalo land. A fortress that still stands majestically until now.


Indonesia does have a variety of natural panorama that spoil the eyes, including the Lake Limboto. The Gorontalo Limboto Lake is a destination for tourists looking for a unique and beautiful panorama. Not only seeing the natural beauty of an estuary of many rivers, you can also do various interesting activities from fishing to down the lake by boat.