7 Most Beautiful Cities in Indonesia

As an archipelago country, Indonesia has also some charming cities for tourists. Its beautiful nature, cool atmosphere, delicious culinary delights and various tourist attractions offered are some of the reasons why many cities in Indonesia become the most beautiful and favorite cities for tourists.


In fact, when long weekends or holidays seasons, these cities are always the main destination for tourists to spend their vacation. Here are seven of the most beautiful cities in Indonesia which have always been a major destination for tourists.



1. Ubud, Bali


the beautiful town of Ubud in Bali

Credit: SaltInOurHair

Bali does have its own charm. One of the most beautiful cities in Indonesia on the island of the Gods is Ubud. Ubud is a city with a rural feel and has beautiful views of rice fields. Ubud Bali also becomes the center of culture and art in Bali.


You can find art works from contemporary artists in Ubud and enjoy a variety of exotic festivals as well as to enjoy the soothing yoga sport. In addition, Ubud is a conservation area of Balinese Hindu art and culture that is colorful and far from noise and parties, like Kuta.



2. Jogja, Central Java


the charming city of jogja

Credit: CaraJuki

Thick palace atmosphere and the nuances of Java, Jogja is a tourist city that you must go to when visiting the island of Java. Presenting a variety of interesting travel options, you can start your vacation from the beach to the temple.


As a city with charming cultural and historical sites, Yogyakarta offers culinary delights, street art, friendly locals and handicraft products.


Its location which is close to Magelang also allows you to visit the iconic Borobudur Temple. Don’t forget, there are still the largest Hindu relics in the city that you should visit, the Prambanan Temple.



3. Bandung, West Java


bandung is one of beautiful city in indonesia

Credit: AyoBandung

The capital of West Java, often called Paris van Java, is the best place for those of you who like mode and fashion. The cool weather combined with the bustle of fashion outlets in the middle of the city and interesting tourist attractions makes Bandung a tourist city that should not be missed.


Generally, Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi residents will spend their weekends in Bandung. Bearing the title of UNESCO Creative City since 2015, Bandung has become a ‘home’ for creative entrepreneurs.



4. Manado, North Sulawesi


pretty manado town

Credit: SiapLiburan

Famous for its worldwide diving site, the Bunaken, Manado is one of the most beautiful cities in Indonesia. Once used as a fortress city by the Dutch during the colonial period, this city which is bordering the Philippines becomes home for Minahasa tribal traditions and culture.


Unfortunately, most of Manado’s old buildings collapsed due to the rebellion in the year 50s. Even so, Manado still has the beauty left on its coast, Lake Tondano and its exotic anti-mainstream market in Tomohon. Because the majority of Manado residents are Christians, don’t be surprised if you find menus, such as pork or dogs at the local restaurants.



5. Batu, East Java


batu malang town in indonesia

Credit: KangPoer

Batu City was once a hilly area that was often used as a holiday destination for Dutch visitors during the colonial period. This cool city which filled with apple plantations and orchid nurseries has increasingly been visited by tourists in recent years.


This is due to the emergence of various interesting new tourist attractions, such as the Angkut Museum, Eco Green Park, East Java Park and Batu Night Spectacular. Batu town is also increasingly known for its beauty because often used as a location for paragliding competitions both at a national and international level.



6. Solo, Central Java


solo is the city of surakarta palace

Credit: TravelingYuk

‘Home’ for the Surakarta Palace familiarly called Solo in general has a lot in common with Jogja. It’s just that Solo has a smaller size area and not too many tourists here. Being a residence for the Kingdom of Mangkunegaraan and Kasunanan, Solo still retains its local characteristics and customs.


One of the famous cultural products of Solo is Batik. Batik centers in Solo become one of the driving forces for tourism and economy of Solo. The way of Solo residents to speech seem even more gentle compared to other Javanese-majority cities.



7. Bogor, West Java


the beautiful city of bogor

Credit: Lamudi

Located near Jakarta, Bogor is the easiest and most popular destination for residents of the capital city. There are various interesting activities you can do in this cool air tourist city. Starting from visiting the safari park, walking in the botanical garden to culinary exploration.


In Bogor, you can also enjoy new experiences that are close to nature, such as picking berries, visiting tea gardens and do paragliding sport activities.


So, which city are you planning on visit for your next vacation in Indonesia?