Wayag Island, The Raja Ampat Icon

The natural beauty of Raja Ampat Islands in West Papua has long been heard for its popularity. As one of the marine tourism destinations, Raja Ampat holds many beautiful natural panoramas.


One of the most famous tourist icons in Raja Ampat is the Wayag Island. The island which is the furthest tourist destination in Raja Ampat has become favorite place among travelers because of its beauty. There, you will be spoiled by the view of the clear blue sea and the many clusters of tower karst.



Commensurate Struggle


how to reach wayag island

Credit: TravelDestinationIndonesia


To reach Wayag Island, it takes around four hours by sea from Raja Ampat port in Waigeo District. The cost of renting a boat is not cheap, it can reach millions of rupiah because of the high cost of fuel there. To make your trip to Wayag Island doesn’t cost lots of money, better go in groups of at least eight people. So that boat rental costs will be cheaper.


After four hours sailing on the sea, you will stop for a moment at Sarpele Village. There, there is a local leader who is respected by local residents. If you want to go to Wayag, then you must ask for his permission and pay around 1 million rupiah per group as a sign of entry. The money will then be managed again by the local management to improve the welfare of the surrounding community.


From Sarpele Village, the journey continues to the Wayag Post. There, all visitors are required to show Raja Ampat pins worth around 500 thousand rupiah for local tourists and 1 million rupiah for foreign tourists.


Your struggle is not yet end. Once in Wayag, you must climb to the top of a fairly steep rock. Approximately it takes about 30-45 minutes to climb to the top so that you can look at the natural beauty of Wayag more freely.


However, once the summit is reached, all your efforts will be replaced with a sense of satisfaction and emotion from watching the blue sea water and green karst hills arising protruding in the middle of the sea.



Two Favorite Peaks


karst view from wayag peaks

Credit: PiknikDong


Stepping on the Wayag, you are given a choice of two peaks which are popular among travelers. The first peak is higher and lush with trees while the second peak is lower. If you arrive at Wayag before noon or decide to stay the night before, then you can track the two peaks.


Local people call those peaks as peak one and peak two. The view from the top of the two peaks is very beautiful. But to reach them require hard effort, especially courage because visitors have to climb and passing sharp rocks which take time one to two hours.



Swim with Sharks


swim with shark in wayag island

Credit: ImLynn


Upon returning from Wayag to the Wayag Post to make a report, you can also take the time to have lunch or swim with sharks. Because, at the post, there are so many black tip sharks that swim freely.


Even though it sounds extreme, you don’t need to worry because this shark is still small and harmless as long as there is no smell of blood or fed close to human limbs.


In fact, these little sharks are deliberately maintained by local residents so that all are tame. Therefore, tourists can freely play and swim with the sharks.



Small tips before visiting Wayag Island


1. Keep in mind to climb the coral and karst hills in Wayag you should wear shoes, or at least mountain sandals. Because the karst here is very sharp and dangerous.


2. Bring only the necessary items, if not able to carry them then it is better to ask for help from the crew or guide.


3.You should bring a spare memory card and battery for the camera or smartphone because access to electricity is limited.


4. Bring a lens range of 7 mm to 12 mm to shoot landscapes photo because Raja Ampat is a landscape paradise.


5. Bring a tripod because you will find a lot of beautiful sunsets and sunrise here.