The Unique & Romantic Kelor Island in Labuan Bajo

Kelor Island is one of the tourist destinations when visiting Komodo National Park. The island is often part of the tour program in Flores because of its romantic atmosphere, where tourists can indulge their sight with stunning views.


Kelor Island is indeed amazing. This island is become a stopover, because tourists using tour boats do stop over at this island before continuing their journey. However, it turns out that the attraction of Kelor Island is extraordinary. Many amazing views can be found here.



Information on Kelor Island


Information on Kelor Island


For tourists visiting Labuan Bajo, sailing or traveling around the island on a tourist boat in Labuan Bajo is a great option that should not be missed. It is because many islands can only be visited by sea, one of them is Kelor Island.


Kelor Island holds various beauties that are rarely found in other places. In fact, besides the scenery, the history of Kelor Island is also interesting to observe. There are unique buildings, sea views and other things to be found here. Check out the following information.



1. The View of Kelor Island

This island has a variety of beautiful scenic spots. The sand beach is white, with ripples of sea water which is also very clear. From the island, you can see the surrounding islands which are usually green because of the grass vegetation cover them. Because it is a favorite tourist spot, you will see many tourists visiting as well.


The island also has hills that can be climbed. When you go up to the top of the hill, you can see very beautiful blue sea water and also colorful coral on the coast. The hills on this island are not green, especially during the summer, but dry savanna which is brown in color.



2. Activities in Kelor Island

This island is a destination for tourists who like the view of natural beach and its underwater scenery. The clear water supports snorkeling activities to see the underwater richness. There are coral reefs and also colorful fish that are ready to spoil the people eyes. Meanwhile, the calm nature of sea water is very suitable for swimming.


Because of its soothing atmosphere, this island is often used for just walks along the coast. You can do photography with an amazing background. The landscape of this island is not too big, so to explore it by going around the island is not that tiring.


The view will be quite amazing if tourists decide to trek up the hill. From the top of the hill, you will indeed be presented with a panoramic view that is extraordinarily beautiful, but it takes a lot more effort to reach it. The hill has an elevation of about 45 degrees, so going up and down the hill will make you tired. It only takes 20 minutes to reach the top.



3. How to Get to Kelor Island


How to Get to Kelor Island

Credit: komodoheaventour

In the Komodo National Park tour program, this island is one of the destinations. The travel time to the island from the center of Labuan Bajo generally takes about 1 hour by boat or half an hour by speedboat. Although the size of the island is small, this island is a recommended place to visit.



4. Facilities on Kelor Island

The island does not have any facilities, either accommodation or restaurants or just snacks. You can only have temporary stop on this island for playing around in the water, sunbathing or trekking. That’s why, bring your own food when visiting. For accommodation, you can choose the center of Labuan Bajo which is busier and has easy access.



5. Tips for Visiting Kelor Island

With various activities that can be done on this island, you should prepare many things. If you want to do trekking, prepare your stamina and also adequate equipment such as footwear used for climbing mountains. The hills on the island are quite slippery and steep, so it is dangerous if you use normal shoes.


Kelor Island in Labuan Bajo is more recommended to be visited during the summer. Because it is quite hot at noon, prepare clothes that reflect sunlight so that you don’t overheat. Don’t forget to use hats, creams for skin and face, as well as glasses. Unless you come here to sunbathe on the white sand.