The Beautiful Undisan Tourist Village

Bali never runs out of charming places. Beautiful natural scenery, friendly people and local wisdom which is still well maintained, make this Island of the Gods one of favorite tourist destinations in the world. A village in Bali called the Penglipuran Village is also touted as the cleanest village in the world, along with two other villages, which are the Giethoorn in Netherlands and Mawlynnong in India.


It turns out that Bali also still has another hidden ‘paradise’ that will amaze you. It is the Undisan Tourist Village located in Tembuku District, Bangli Regency, about an hour and a half drive from the city of Denpasar using motorized vehicles.


As soon as visitors arrive in this area, visitor will be immediately spoiled by the beautiful natural atmosphere and the cool air combined with the local culture typical of the Balinese people which is still so thick and inseparable from its natural tourism.


natural view of undisan village in bangli


In this tourist village, visitors are free to enjoy the natural atmosphere around and visitors can do interesting activities such as trekking, cycling, plowing field with cow, participating in cooking classes, making kites, learn herbal medicine, yoga and many more. Undisan Village is also known as the location for first class gold and silver crafts.


Undisan Village has also interesting natural attractions, one of them is the Tangkup Waterfall. The location of this charming waterfall is still around Tembuku area. Before reaching the location of Tangkup Waterfall, visitors will be presented with a view of the rice fields and gardens along the trip. Tangkup has a height of approximately 25 meters flanked by towering cliffs, making the view of this waterfall look even more exotic and unique. Even though it is still attached to natural and cultural tourism, this village has provided lodging, hotels and bungalows built for tourists.


One of beautiful guest houses to visit in Tembuku is the D’Umah Bali which is located in Banjar Lokasari, Undisan Kelod Village, Tembuku, Bangli. What’s interesting about D’Umah Bali is that the architecture of the building and the atmosphere of the beautiful Balinese grounds. D’Umah Bali itself means ‘Balinese House’ which features a charming yet beautiful Balinese architecture.


de umah bali at undisan village bangli


Activities that visitors can do when staying at this guest house include the wedding blessing, trekking to a waterfall while studying medicinal plants, making traditional herbal medicine, Balinese food cooking class, eco cycling, Balinese dancing lessons, making kites, catching ducks, plowing fields with cows as well as rice planting.


If you want to enjoy a vacation with more family and friends, then a villa with an eco-traditional concept, the De Klumpu Bali, can be an option. Villa De Klumpu Bali is located among the vast, green rice fields that are still beautiful. The atmosphere around the villa is really fresh. The activities that visitors can do while staying at this villa are not much different from the activities offered by D’Umah Bali. However, at this villa, visitors can do yoga & wellness retreat at De Klumpu or directly enjoy organic food served by Padi Restaurant, such as the Indonesian food, Balinese food and western food.


If you are attracted by the stunning views of green rice fields, a fresh atmosphere and unique lodging with Balinese characteristics, then take your time to visit Undisan Tourist Village! Happy holidays in Bali!