The Annual Baliem Valley Cultural Festival

The Dani Tribe is ready to welcome tourists who come to the Baliem Valley Cultural Festival on 7-10 Austus 2019. The 30th annual festival are held in Welesi District, Jayawijaya Regency, Central Mountains, Papua. The big theme of promoting the arts and cultures of the Dani (Hubula) as an asset of the cultural heritage of the archipelago and the world is the main agenda for this year’s event.


Baliem Valley is located in Jayawijaya Regency, Papua Province. The Baliem Valley Cultural Festival is held every year in August. This year the festival takes place on 7 to 10 August. This unique annual festival will be celebrated in Welesi District, Jayawijaya Regency, Papua Province.


This is a special occasion where all various tribes from the highlands of Wamena and the Baliem Valley such as Dani, Lani and Yali gather together to celebrate their annual Baliem Valley Festival. In this festival there will be many shows performed by various tribes which mostly present the simulations of war between tribes, families and some traditional dances from various tribes in Baliem and Wamena.


baliem valley cultural festival

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The tribal war simulation will be held for two days performed by around 26 groups of 30-50 fighters. This battle scene is accompanied by traditional Papuan music called Pikon. Pikon is a musical instrument made of wood that produces sound when blown. The sound created a beautiful relaxing music. Not many people can play this instrument because it requires special expertise. You will see many interesting performances at the Baliem Valley Festival 2019.


Organized by Jayawijaya Regency, Baliem Valley Cultural Festival has the purpose to introduce and preserve the cultural values of Papua’s Baliem Valley traditional tribe. The Festival will be enhanced by a variety of interesting arts and cultural performances, including traditional Papuan dances, pig racing, puradan rattan spear throwing competition, playing sikoko spear, traditional Papua music performances and much more.


traditional papua tribes performed in baliem festival

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Visitors can also feel the true meaning as Papuans by wearing traditional Koteka costumes and make their skin black so they can also be a part of the annual Baliem Valley Cultural Festival celebration.


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