The Amazing Nirwana Lake in Rote Island

Rote Island is the southernmost region of Indonesia. Rote is famous for its beautiful beaches, Sasando musical instruments, palm cultivation, and Ti’i Langga traditional hats. But apart from that, Rote Island has a hidden destination which is a unique exotic beach. People call it the Telaga Nirvana (Nirwana Lake).


Actually the Nirwana Lake in Rote Island is not really a lake, but a beach that juts deep into the mainland. Because of its beauty, the local named it as Nirvana Lake  and has not many yet visited by outside world. This means that the beauty of this amazing lake will captivate everyone who visits the place. The location is in Oeseli Village, Southwest Rote District, Rote Ndao Regency.


the beauty of nirwana lagoon



This exotic beach is unique on its shoreline. Nirvana Lake has stone slabs that are shaped like hearts. The natural rock is covered by white sand at the bottom of clear translucent water. The water is approximately waist-high for an adult. Because it is in the shape of a heart, tourists usually call it the Stone of Love.


The water is very clear and turquoise. Apart from that, the atmosphere is also very private. It is suitable for tourists who want to take a vacation without being disturbed. Rote tourism is not as busy as Labuan Bajo, so not many tourists come here.


Stone of Love in nirvana lagoon



The only way to come to Nirwana Lake is to rent a boat from local fishermen on the edge of Buedale Beach. The distance is only about 200 meters, and it takes about 10 minutes to arrive.


Meanwhile, to get there the terrain is still quite difficult. The distance from the City of Baa is 43 km and can be reached in 1.5 to 2 hours.


Even though the terrain is quite difficult, private vehicles can get to Nirwana Lake. From there you head to Buedale Beach then rent a canoe to Nirwana Lake. The distance from the beach is only 200 meters.