South Sulawesi Pinisi Festival 2019

The Pinisi Festival is an annual event held by South Sulawesi Province Culture and Tourism Board. In contrast to previous years, the implementation of the Pinisi Festival this year is not focused on ceremony only but all tourism potential available in the religious district of Bulukumba.


Therefore, a Pinisi Tana Beru trip (the birthplace of Perhu Pinisi) to Tanjung Bira beach (the icon of the tourist spot in Bulukumba) is arranged by the festival committee so that the participants and visitors can see the legendary Pinisi Ships.


The 2019 Pinisi Festival presents all kinds of expertise from the process of making until the launching of Pinisi Ships, of course with all the ceremonies or rituals that accompany it. Not only local seamen participated, but also other sailors from all regions of South Sulawesi Province.


pinisi ships tour in south sulawesi

Credit: ViviLutviana


Along with the cruise activities, fishing competitions, culinary events, craft exhibitions and art performances are also carried out.


While travelling in Bulukumba Regency for the event, visitors can also take some tours to several interesting places on Bulukumba including Bira Beach, Donggia Hill, Apparalang Cliffs, Pua Janggo Peak, Ujung Tiro Beach and Kambing Island.


bira beach south sulawesi

Bira Beach – Credit: JejakPiknik


Some Bulukumba culinary specialties that you must try include the Coto Kuda (horse meat which is the texture more tasteful than beef), the uhu-uhu cakes, barobo (rice porridge) as well as the peca sponge cake.


coto kuda typical bulukumba food

Coto Kuda (Horse Meat) – Credit: RianyTamba


There are various types of transportation you can choose to travel at 200 km distance before reaching Bulukumba, ranging from rental cars, minibus public transportation or even using a motorcycle.


Starting from Makassar City, you can rent a car with a price range of IDR300.000 – IDR500.000 for one way to Bulukumba. If you want to be more efficient, you can use the services of minibus-type car from Makassar to Bulukumba for around IDR90.000.


However, if you use the public transportation, when you arrive at Bulukumba, you still have to continue the journey by using ‘pete-pete’ public transportation which will cost you around IDR10.000 to get to Tanjung Bira.


art performance during the pinisi festival

Credit: BeritaBulukumba


For accommodation, there are various places for overnight in Bulukumba area, such as Cosmos Bungalow, Amatoa Resort and Kaluku Cottage which is stand in the Kaluku Beach area. Cosmos Bungalow and Kaluku Cottage have quite affordable rates starting from IDR300.000. The good thing is that all of them have direct access to the beach, so you can enjoy the atmosphere of quiet beach and get more for privacy.


The Pinisi Festival 2019 is carried out September 12th – 15th. It is also part of Indonesia’s 100 Calendar of Events 2019 program initiated by Indonesia Tourism Ministry.