A Complete Travel Guide to Raja Ampat

For those of you who like adventure and are crazy about the beauty of the underwater scenery, Raja Ampat in West Papua is a must-visit destination. However, before planning a vacation to Raja Ampat, you should do some preparation.


For example, choosing transportation that can be used, accommodation while in Raja Ampat, including tourism options and locations to be visited. One thing that you also need to known is the estimated cost that must be prepared before going to Raja Ampat. The following is a complete travel guide to Raja Ampat.



Choosing A Flight


Domine Eduard Osok Airport

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To get to Raja Ampat, tourists must first travel by air to Sorong City. However, it is important to choose the airlines and the route traveled. Some flights have transit routes with longer flight times. The fares with transit routes are also more expensive, starting from IDR3,000,000 to IDR7,000,000 one way.


However, at present several airlines offer direct flights to Sorong with cheaper price, some even offer up to IDR2.200.000 for one way.



Toward Raja Ampat


waisai city in raja ampat

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After arriving in Sorong City, tourists can take a speed boat to Waisai City in Raja Ampat. There are two fares choices which are IDR100,000 for economy class and IDR215,000 for executive class.


Departure is at 09.00 and 14.00 East Indonesian Time. Speedboats for crossings are available every day. To enter Raja Ampat, for first-time tourists must pay an entrance ticket which is IDR500,000 for domestic. Meanwhile, foreign tourists charged around IDR1,000.000.


The entrance ticket is valid for one year. So tourists are free to visit Raja Ampat during the year without having to pay for admission again. However, if it has been more than one year, an amount of IDR 500,000 will be charged again if visiting Raja Ampat.



Vehicle Rent


vehicle rent in waisai city raja ampat

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Upon arrival at the port of Waisai City, tourists can rent a taxi. Usually, tourists are charged for IDR100,000 for a one-time delivery to a hotel or inn. For those who want to rent a car or mini bus, it costs around IDR700,000 to IDR800,000 per day. The price includes the driver and gasoline. If not in a hurry, tourists can use a car to take a tour around the city in Waisai. There are several places that can be visited.



Choosing The Lodging


various choices of lodging in raja ampat

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Before leaving for Raja Ampat, make sure you have booked a room to stay first. Raja Ampat doesn’t have many star hotel facilities. However, there are many choice of lodgings, ranging from homestays to resorts that are usually located near the beach. Choosing the right lodging can also cut your travel costs.


For homestays, the offered price is around IDR300,000 to IDR400,000. This price usually includes 3 meals a day. Homestay is usually a simple house that integrates with the local people house. Moreover, many homestays were built as huts with roofs and wooden walls. Resorts are usually made more modern with fairly complete facilities. Rates offered start from IDR1,000,000 to IDR2,000,000 per person. The difference in price is certainly adjusted to the various facilities offered. Some resorts usually have also watersport facilities.



Rent A Boat to Move Around The Island


rent a speed boat to visit raja ampat islands

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Raja Ampat is an area consisting of many islands. To reach all the beauty there, tourists rely heavily on a small speed boat with capacity of 10-12 people. One of the biggest expenses for tourists in Raja Ampat is the speed boat rental. The cost of renting a speed boat depends on the distance traveled. In average, for medium distances, the cost per day is around IDR7,500,000. For long distances, for example to reach the beautiful Wayag Island, it can cost IDR10,000,000 to IDR12,000,000.


Because boat rental is quite expensive, tourists are advised to come together with more friends or families, because the more people participate, the boat rental fee will feel cheaper.



Diving in Raja Ampat


a guide to raja ampat diving

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Traveling to Raja Ampat will not be completed if not enjoying the underwater beauty. For those who already have a diving license, can directly order a Raja Ampat diving package at range price of IDR800,000 to IDR1,000,000. For those who do not have a license, can take part in training and get a license at a cost of around IDR3,000,000 to IDR5,000,000.


For those who want to enjoy the beauty of Raja Ampat marine life with more affordable and easier way, can enjoy the snorkeling activity in Raja Ampat. Snorkeling costs around IDR150,000. The fee is to rent tools such as masks, glasses, snorkels and frog legs. Other than enjoying the underwater tourism, there are more things to do in Raja Ampat such as swimming in cliffs, visit the Kalibiru in the middle of the jungle and bird watching. The rates charged vary from IDR100,000 to IDR150,000.