Diving in Raja Ampat Cruise

More like a 5-star hotel than a boat, the six cabins on Tiaré are your home away from home designed with relaxation and the perfect sleep in mind. You’ll enjoy soft linens and
well thought out lighting and plug placement as well as spacious ensuite bathrooms, hot water showers and environmental friendly body wash and shampoo.

Two triple cabins are spacious enough to accommodate two adults and one child or three adults, with under-bed storage to ensure ease of movement around the cabin.
The other four cabins, two twin and two double, accommodate two adults each for a maximum capacity of 14 guests.

With 14 guests on board Tiaré is comfortable and spacious enough for both a social atmosphere and space to relax and enjoy down time in the luxurious cabins.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1: Boarding Ambon

Board the stunning Tiaré, your home for the next 8 nights in Ambon and be ready to depart around 12 pm. You’ll be diving in the area around Ambon, including famous Ambon Pertamina Wreck and Laha. The Pertamina wreck has tons of soft corals and a really incredible of fish swimming through the wreck. Laha is a fantastic muck dive where you may see recently discovered creatures like new species of frog fish, rinophias, the incredible mimic octopus and zebra crabs.

Day 2: Diving

Moving on to Nusa Laut, you’ll dive over beautiful hard and soft corals in this extremely healthy reef. There is plenty of life here with tons of fish including schooling jacks, grey reefs and bumpheads. Leopard sharks and dugongs have also been spotted here so if you’re lucky you’ll get the chance to see them as well.

Day 3: Banda Islands

The Banda Islands may be famous for historical forts and nutmeg plantations, but they also offer some of the most incredible diving in Indonesia. If you love sea fans, you’re in for a treat at Batu Kapal. You’ll also have the unique experience of diving the lava flow, which since the last eruption in 1988 has become a stunning coral garden. You’ll see how nutrient-rich the waters are here by the schools of surgeon fish, banners and so many more reef species. Also, the mandarin fish found here under the pier are some of the biggest you’ll ever lay eyes on.

Day 4: Continue Your Diving in the Bandas

Traveling around 60 miles south of the Bandas, Manuk is home to some of the largest schools of barracuda in the Banda Sea. The healthy reefs are also home to turtles, sea snakes and a variety of sharks. Visibility is great, so photographers will love diving here.

Day 5: Hatta Islands

Southeast of Hatta Island is Karang Hatta, where the dive sites are some of the closest to the 6000 metre deep Banda Trench. This means the chance of seeing large pelagic like white tip reef sharks, hammerheads, grey reef sharks, barracuda and tuna is much higher. In the shallows hard corals swarm with life as well, especially the edge of the reef where the currents starts to hit.

Day 6: Koon Island - Fish Paradise

Koon Island off the coast of Seram is a dive with a huge concentration of fish. One site is even called Too Many Fish where, depending on the current, the amount of schooling fish can be almost unbelieveable. You’ll explore this area and choose the best spots depending on the weather conditions and currents. The channels around Seram offer plenty of great dives to choose from.

Day 7: Southern Part of Raja Ampat

On day 7 you will arrive in Missol in the southern part of Raja Ampat. Your first stop is at Pulau Pele where Kaleidoscope Reef is as amazing a dive as the name suggests. Fans, colourful soft corals, a wide variety of reef fish and dancing anchovies make this an unforgettable morning dive. Later in the day Wayilbatan offers a dive in the mild currents between 2 small islands. This passage is filled with fans, soft corals and bommies, sweet lips and turtles carried on the current. In the late afternoon the light at Pulau Boo a perfect dive thanks to 3 holes in the middle of the wall where the light creates beautiful effects.

Day 8: Fiabacet

Still in Missol you’ll dive Fiabacet – one of the most famous dive sites in the area. It doesn’t look like much from the surface but under the water the soft corals and the forest of fans are incredible! You’re likely to  see Giant trevalleys, jacks and mackerel, as well as juvenile grey reef sharks that are making this protected area home.

Day 9 : End of Cruise

After breakfast on board it’s time to check out and leave the Tiaré behind at Sorong.


Note: This itinerary may vary depending on weather conditions, flight timetables and other unforeseen circumstances.

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