9 Yoga Places In Bali for Beginners

The beauty and peace of Bali Island seems to make it a “paradise” for yoga enthusiasts. In this Island of the Gods there are many places to do yoga activity, but most of those places have an exclusive concept so the price is arguably less friendly for most tourists.


For those of you who plan to do yoga in Bali for the first time, here are 9 affordable yoga places for beginners in Bali.



1. Yoga Barn


yoga barn in bali

Credit: BaliIndonesia

Yoga is a must do activity in Ubud. Located in the heart of Ubud area, Yoga Barn stands as a retreat center with complete yoga services and accommodation for local and foreign tourists. There are two yoga studios in Yoga Barn that offer daily yoga classes and three other studios for special classes.


The affordable price, which is not more than US $ 100 (under IDR1.5 million) per room, makes Yoga Barn suitable for those of you who want to enjoy rest and relaxation without reaching into your wallet too deep.



2. Power of Now Oasis


yoga activity in Power of Now Oasis sanur

Credit: PowerOfNowOasis

Enjoying yoga in a remote bamboo hut in the corners of the park to meditation activities on the beach are some of the health tourism services available at Power of Now Oasis, Sanur. During eight-day retreat at this health center, you will spend the night in the guest house of the Colonial House or Mercure Resort complete with a varied choice of breakfast and lunch menus.


The retreat package also offers unlimited yoga class choices. Other attractive offers are a six-day meditation retreat, acupuncture, massage services as well as water sports activities.



3. Naya Ubud


yoga activity in naya ubud

Credit: BookRetreats

Built as a forum to improve people lives, Naya Ubud is a retreat and a lodging center within a seven-minute drive from central Ubud. The location is surrounded by tropical plantations and rice farming. This atmosphere makes Naya Ubud is a perfect location to enjoy your yoga.


Not only offering yoga classes, this retreat center also offers accommodation services with 15 rooms available to pamper yourself.



4. Blooming Lotus Yoga


blooming lotus yoga center in ubud

Credit: BaliGoLive

Blooming Lotus stands as a yoga center in Ubud area which is not only focusing to pamper the visitors, but actually also teaches yoga for the beginners. For 4 days and 3 nights, Blooming Lotus offers two Yoga Vinyasa classes every day.


Blooming Lotus also held workshops to deepen visitors’ insights into the yoga lifestyle and meditation classes. This retreat center is perfect for beginners who want to start a new lifestyle with yoga.



5. Om Ham Retreat


yoga om ham retreat in ubud center

Credit: ReviewMyRetreat

Om Ham Retreat is located five kilometers from the center of Ubud. It is one of yoga centers with affordable prices compared to other yoga centers in the Ubud area. The location itself is in the middle of a vast stretch of green rice.


Retreat facilities at Om Ham Retreat include yoga classes, spa treatments and meditation classes as well.



6. The Pineapple House


The Pineapple House yoga retreat in canggu

Credit: KelanaByKayla

Located in Canggu surfing district, the retreat at The Pineapple House not only includes yoga activities, but surfing activity as well. The 8 days 7 nights retreat package offers you the opportunity to attend three yoga classes and five surfing classes according to the visitor’s abilities.


The Pineapple House also provides massage services, breakfast and airport transportation.



7. Abasan Mountain Resort


Abasan Mountain Resort in Buleleng Bali

Credit: Gaia-Oasis

Located in the north coast of Bali, Buleleng. Abasan Mountain Resort offers the real sensation of vacation in Bali. The Resort offers five yoga classes in a week. The classes offered are yoga, meditation and dance program which all of resort guests can take part in.


There is also a free transportation service that will take the guests to explore the mountains and beaches around the resort.



8. The Temple Lodge


The Temple Lodge pecatu offer yoga class

Credit: WildEscapes

Located in Pecatu Village, South Kuta, The Temple Lodge offers relaxation facilities with stunning cliff views and morning yoga classes such as Hatha and Vinyasa Flow. Other than yoga activities, tourists can also enjoy the swimming pool facilities, breakfast menu and surfing accommodation.



9. H20 Yoga & Meditation Center


h2o yoga meditation center in gili air lombok

Credit: RetreatsAndVenues

H20 Yoga & Meditation Center is located in the middle of small island of Gili Air, this yoga and meditation center offers a relaxation experience that far away from Bali tourism noises. This place also offers opportunities to connect with the soul and nature.


Moreover, H20 Yoga & Meditation Center provides other fun activities such as snorkeling. A 7-night retreat package at H20 includes daily meditation and yoga classes can be participated by all level participant. Sea transportation from Bali is included in the retreat package.


If you want new atmosphere and environment for yoga places in Bali, you can try our affordable yoga package carried out in Undisan Village, Bangli Regency. At our De Klumpu yoga pavilion, in the middle of the rice fields, you can enjoy a special Yoga exercise. This class is excellent for beginners and provides an interesting approach for the experienced practitioner. It includes meditation, Pranayama breathing techniques, Vinyasa body movements, Asanas body postures and relaxation.