7 Exotic Unspoiled Beaches in Indonesia

Do you want to have beach vacation but too bored with just the same location? As an archipelago country, Indonesia has so many beaches. Until now, many foreign tourists who want to travel to Indonesia are curious because of the beaches.


Actually, in Indonesia there are also some beaches that are not yet well-known or untouched, although those beaches have exotic and charming views. It is maybe because the beaches are hard to access or too expensive to go there.


Anyway, Authentic-Indonesia has summarized 7 exotic unspoiled beach in Indonesia and here are the list.



1. Ora Beach


unspoiled ora beach in maluku

Credit: StrategiDanBisnis

Ora Beach is one of the beaches in Maluku Province and has been quite familiar to international tourists. The beauty of nature around the beach has been widely known even equated with Hawaii beaches and the Maldives. For locals, the beach is popular as Honeymoon Destination in Indonesia.


However, what you need to know is that access to the Ora Beach can only be reached by boat. This is the reason why the experience of going to this place is very expensive.


In this beach area there is only one famous resort, the Ora Beach Resort, but if we want to stay somewhere else, there are several alternatives such as in the Sawai and Saleman area which are located not too far from Ora.


Ora Beach has beautiful and soft white sand. Also, the beach protrudes into a shallow sea that contains hundreds of thousands of beautiful coral reefs and their inhabitants.



2. Red Island Beach


unspoiled red island in banyuwangi

Credit: TravelKompas

Pantai Pulau Merah (Red Island Beach) offers white sand beach with beautiful green hill beside it. Is is located in Banyuwangi Regency, East Java Province.


Red Island Beach is similar to Kuta Beach in Bali but the waves are more curled (up to two meters high and 300 meters long). The waves are certainly fit for beginners, amateurs and professionals surfers.


In front of the beach there is a small island called Pulau Merah. It is only about 100 meters from the beach. The blue sea of the southern coast of Banyuwangi also adds the beauty of Pulau Merah Beach.



3. Adonara Beach


untouched adonara beach in flores

Credit: Jagoaradonara

If you travel to Flores, don’t forget to visit this tourist attraction. One of the exotic beaches in Indonesia is the Adonara Beach. It has a stretch of clean white sand and incredible view of the sea.


The beach which has a crystal clear water allows you not to dive too deep to see the pristine coral reefs. Even the beauty of the underwater world can be witnessed from above the rocks.


Because this beach is rarely known, it’s no wonder that the beach is so quiet. You can find peaceful atmosphere here.



4. Kiluan Bay Beach


kiluan bay beach

Credit: ExploreLampung

The next unspoiled beach is the Kiluan Bay Beach. It is like a hidden paradise of Lampung Province. When visiting Kiluan Bay, visitors will be presented with a view of a turquoise gradation beach with clear water. You can see clearly coral reefs and ornamental fishes.


Kiluan Bay offers hilly and valley topography, which is very suitable to be explored. Other than having a beautiful landscape, it turns out that this bay is inhabited by hundreds of dolphins. Hundreds of bottle-nose dolphins and sniper dolphins can be easily found in the middle of the sea.


The fertility of these waters makes the corals growing well. This also makes the area of the gulf bay to have shallow diving spots but still it is very beautiful.



5. Kenawa Beach


kenawa beach in sumbawa

Credit: SuperAdventure

Kenawa Island adalah salah satu pulau unik di perairan Sumbawa yang punya julukan ‘The Hidden Paradise’. Even though it is only a small and uninhabited island in West Sumbawa, NTB (West Nusa Tenggara), Kenawa Island is really worth visiting, especially the beach panorama.


You will be presented with natural landscapes of hills, expanses of savanna as well as the clear blue sea water of the beach. One of the best beaches in Indonesia.


Many things can be carried out on Kenawa Island, from swimming on the beach, snorkeling, even camping on the sidelines of the savanna.



6. Koka Beach


koka beach in maumere

Credit: JalanJalanYuk

Koka Beach is located not far from the city of Maumere, East Nusa Tenggara Province. This beach is located in Wolowiro Village. Although not a truly virgin beach, Koka Beach is relatively quiet when compared to other famous beaches.


Clear turquoise blue water with white sand is the main attraction. Snorkeling enthusiasts can enjoy the underwater beauty of this beach, as well as surfers. The height of the waves reaches 1.5 meters making it ideal for beginner surfers.



7. Green Bowl Beach


bali green bowl beach

Credit: KSMTour

It seems hard to find a quiet beach on the island of Bali. Therefore Green Bowl Beach, which is located in Badung Regency, is like a hidden treasure that many people look for. Because it is still relatively quiet, you are like being on your own beach. Surrounded by shady trees, this beach is perfect for relaxing and surfing.


Local and foreign tourists usually come here to surf or swim. Around the coast there are many caves that are usually used as a ritual place for local residents.


The wave height near the beach is only adequate for professional surfers. So for those of you who are still learning to surf, it is not recommended.