Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2019

This year the Ubud Village Jazz Festival (UVJF) will be held on August 16 and 17, 2019 under the shade of a garden at Arma Museum, Ubud. Same as previous years, the Ubud Village Jazz Festival will entertain the Ubud Village, which is already famed for its bohemian nuances, by presenting a classy jazz festival featuring jazz musicians from all around the world with various and rich music sub-genres.


The tag line for the Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2019 is CERTAINLY! INDONESIA. Along with the celebration of Indonesia’s Independence Day, the 2019 Ubud Village Jazz Festival also spreads optimism for a better and progressive of Indonesia, a country that is capable and ready to compete globally.


According to Anom Darsana, one of the founders of UVJF, since the first event in 2013, UVJF has always been committed to become an environmentally friendly festival. In 2019 UVJf also supported the spirit to prohibit the use of disposable plastics, as a form of concern as well as the responsibility as a member of the community to keep aware on environmental issues.


He is also thankful to volunteers from communities of arts that support the event also from the people of Ubud and surrounding areas. UVJF is very grateful to the Ubud Royal Family, Ministry of Tourism Republic Indonesia, Bali Province Tourism Office, Gianyar Tourism Office, Ministry of Environment and Forestry Republic Indonesia, Bali Airport and all Stake Holders.



Credit: UbudVillageJazzFestival


Involving more than 8 countries, UVJF will present a wide variety of jazz styles by musicians from Indonesia, USA, Germany, Russia, Holland, Italy, Australia, France and South Korea, those who already senior and famous in the world and also young musicians who have enormous talent that will become the next generation of Jazz music.


The nuance of the stage and festival area which is very unique and rarely found in common arts festivals elsewhere, makes UVJF has developed into one of the most important community-based arts and cultural events. This event has also received some positive reputation from actors, connoisseurs and observers of Jazz music both locally and internationally.


UVJF is also supported by various embassies of Indonesia’s best friend countries such as the Austria Embassy, Netherland Kingdom Embassy, the Français d’Indonésie Institute and the Goethe-Institute as well, which makes UVJF more confident in presenting this Universal Jazz Festival.


ubud village jazz festival line up

Credit: HighEndTraveller


The UVJF 2019 line-up promises quality that will spoil jazz lovers. Sri Hanuraga Trio feat. Dira Sugandi, “the funky-swing couple” Otti Jamalus Trio Feat Yance Manusama, young saxophonist Anggi Harahap Quartet, HajarBleh Big Band, Nancy Ponto Quintet. Eurasian Quartet featuring Dian Pratiwi, co-founder of UVJF, Yuri Mahatma with her project ‘Straight and Stretch’, Canadian drummer who has long lived in Bali Yvon Thibeault “Perpectives”, KoPi Jazz Kediri (Kediri Jazz Lovers Community) with Cendana Singers from Kediri , East Java. From the younger generation, 13-year-old pianist Jacob Jayasena will perform with a young girl pianist, Nadine Adriana.


From the USA there will be a popular musician Aaron Goldberg Trio (with Matt Penman and Leon Parker). Also Pete Jung Quartet (South Korea), Michaela Rabitsch & R. Pawlik Quartet supported by the Austrian Embassy in Jakarta, Harry Mitchell Trio, Arcing Wires (Australia) and Caleb Fortuin with the Bali Mates (Future Leaders Jazz Award Winner) also from Australia. For the first time musician from Russia, Ilugdin Trio and New Centropezn Quartet. And the last one is from France, supported by the Francais Institute d’Indonesie, Voyager 4.


arma museum is the agung rai museum of art

ARMA Museum


Complementing the 2019 Ubud Village Jazz Event, in the span of a week before the festival, there will also be a series of pre-event concerts that will be held at Movenpick Resort, Rumah Luwih, Tanjung Sari, Vincent’s Candi Dasa, Sthala Tribute Port Folio Hotel, Plataran Ubud, Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK Bali), Bridges, Aryaduta Bali, Bale Tudor, Wu Wei Resorts.


Also an important jazz workshop for jazz musicians in Bali presented by Aaron Goldberg Trio at Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI) in Denpasar on August 15th.