Terracota Gandrung Park, Banyuwangi New Tourism Icon

Terracota Gandrung Park at A Glance


Gandrung Park at A Glance

Credit: banyuwangibagus.com

Banyuwangi is known as the City of Gandrung. Gandrung itself is a traditional Banyuwangi dance and is designated as a welcome dance.


Events that are held in the local district of Banyuwangi are usually opened with the Gandrung dance performance. Especially those that held by the government. Gandrung dance has become a district icon with a variety of tourism potentials.


Not only that, Gandrung has even become the name of a tourist attraction in the local district. There are thousands of Gandrung dance statues in rice fields which are tourist sites for the Terracotta Gandrung Park.


The Terracotta Gandrung Park, which is located in Licin District, Banyuwangi Regency, which was inaugurated by the local government on September 22, 2018, has become popular tourist spot among the locals. There are hundreds of statues of Gandrung dancers built in terraced rice fields at the foot of Mount Ijen.


According to one of the initiators of the Gandrung Terracotta tourism object, the site which is located in the Jiwa Jawa Ijen Resort area is intended to conserve Gandrung Dance as one of the identities of Blambangan Land (Banyuwangi).


This tourist attraction is so special because it uses a regional approach where the statues of Gandrung dancers lie on unspoiled rice fields. The rice fields are still actively planted with rice by farmers. These create a very beautiful combination.



The History of Gandrung Art


The History of Gandrung Art

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Gandrung dance comes from the traditions of the local community in the past. This dance is a form of gratitude for the abundance of agricultural products. Taking the background of the creation of this art, the statues of Gandrung dancers in the Terracotta Gandrung Park are arranged in such a way.


Statues of Gandrung dancers are presented side by side with the activities of farmers in the fields. Starting from plowing the fields with buffalo, planting to harvesting rice.



The Uniqueness of the Terracotta Gandrung Park


The Uniqueness of the Terracotta Gandrung Park

Credit: banyuwangibagus.com

From the park, tourists can enjoy the beauty of Mount Ijen which has a height of 2,443 meters above sea level on the west side. When you look to the east, you will see the blue Bali Strait.


Uniquely, the statues of Gandrung dancers are made of clay. The choice of material for making this sculpture takes into account the level of vulnerability of the clay. Works made of clay tend to break more easily. According to the initiator, the Terracotta Gandrung Park offers artistry and immortality.


The opening of the Terracotta Gandrung Park was inspired by the Terracotta Warrior and Horses in China which was built during the era of Emperor Qin Shi Huang (259-210 BC).


The Terracotta Gandrung Park does not only present a row of statues of Gandrung dancers. When entering this area, tourists will be spoiled by green hills and rice fields. Sometimes you will also find farmers plowing rice fields, coffee gardens, durian trees, various types of bamboo, and local endemic plants. In the middle of the park area there is an open amphitheater for scheduled art performances and jazz music events.