Indonesia Umbrella Festival 2019 in Candi Prambanan

Indonesia Umbrella Festival 2019 is a folk festival involving public participation, various creative communities, traditional art artists, contemporary artists, photographers, designers and others.


Indonesian Payung Festival 2019 is held for three consecutive days, on September 6th – 8th, 2019 at Garuda Mandala, Prambanan Temple, Central Java. There are various interesting events held during the event.


umbrella festival held in prambanan temple

Credit: Liputan6


Umbrella Festival is a folk event where art communities can take part in it. As the name implies, it is the umbrella that is the source of the art creation. The purpose of holding this event is to increase the creative economic activities of traditional umbrella-making arts. Also to preserve traditional umbrellas as one of Indonesia’s cultural heritage.


This year, the Indonesian Umbrella Festival takes the theme ‘Sepayung Daun’. This theme become an inspiration because participants will be invited to innovate in presenting their best works using foliage. Their work must be creative and authentic.


There are many touches of modern innovations to make the festival fresher. Referring to the theme, the leaves will be used as the basis for creating art.


the crowd due to umbrella event in central java

Credit: Tirto


Interestingly, this festival is not only participated by Indonesian but there are also from other countries such as Japan, India, Spain and Thailand. This is an epic collaboration among countries which also respect umbrella as one cultural identity.


In addition, many creators also come from abroad. They involves in several sessions in this event such as in the exhibitions, workshops, shows, photography contests and umbrella creations.


local art performance during the payung festival

Credit: GudegNet


Other than exhibiting thousands of traditional umbrellas, the festival also offers an education related to the umbrella traditions. Some participants demonstrate how to make umbrellas with various types and styles. Starting from paper to knitting.


The Payung Festival which is also part of Indonesia 100 Calendar of Events also presents the Japanese Tea Ceremony, Tanabata Festival and Furoshiki Workshop. During the festival visitors are introduced the two cities relationship (Sister City) of Jogja-Kyoto, which is already 35 years old now.