Gili Gede Lombok, The Secret Gili Islands Near Bali

Lombok has many small islands which are interesting to visit. Gili Gede is one of them. Located on the west side of Lombok, this tourist destination exists in ​​Gili Gede Indah Village, Sekotong District, West Lombok.


Visiting Gili Gede should be on all travelers’ agendas while having vacation on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Province (NTB). Gili Gede is one of the secret Gili among the Asahan, Ringgit and Layan and considered the most famous one.


Gili Gede has better accommodation options for tourists to enjoy. This largest island among several other islands in Sekotong District, has five small villages which are the Gede (Pegametan), Gedang Siang, Tanjungan, Labuan Cenik and the Orong Bukal Village.


Although the location is in remote area and small (but it is the biggest among the Gili Islands in Sekotong), tourists are pleased to visit Gili Gede because of the nature and facilities provided there.


With the support of good and adequate facilities, tourists can enjoy nature for a while either for a family vacation or as honeymoon destination. This explains why Gili Gede has more visitors than the surrounding islands, especially on long weekends.


Some locals are often seen on location, especially at sea, to catch fish. Most are Sasak Tribes and still practice old traditions. However, some of them are proficient in English and often help foreign tourists to get around the island effectively. In addition, they are quite friendly with everyone.



Activities on Gili Gede


things to do in gili gede sekotong

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Some tourists may have been aware of the fact that most of the Gili Islands in Sekotong is considered as a party place. Unlike them, Gili Gede has a simpler feel but has rich natural resources. Local residents make use of abundant fishes and pearls resources as their major income.


The presence of 5 villages on Gili Gede makes it reliable for tourists too. That means visitors can easily find food and drinks during their adventure. Not to mention good accommodations they have all around the island.


After visiting the local settlement, other things tourists can do is sunbathing. The calm beach creates a peaceful atmosphere in the location where tourists often do activities.


The north coast of Gili Gede is famous for its coral and white sand beaches, while the west coast has mud and mangroves. All of them are worth visiting. IN fact, exploring all the beaches in Gede does not take much time.


The Gili Gede Lombok has clear waters with fairly calm currents, so you can snorkel or dive here. Other than beautiful scenery, this island also has a stunning underwater panorama.


If you don’t want to get wet all the time, this 260 hectare island is also the right location for fishing. Yes, the waters in the Sekotong region are a paradise for sea fishes herds.


Another charm of Gili Gede is the locals daily activities. Despite the calm atmosphere, the villagers work hard to earn money by processing pearls and fishes in the sea. For tourists, it is a good thing because they can observe and make some pictures of them.


Later, in the afternoon, they can visit some great places to enjoy the amazing sunset while eating typical local dishes like Ayam Taliwang (Taliwang Chicken).



Route to Gili Gede


gili gede route from mataram

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Access to Gili Gede is relatively easy. It can be reached via road trip from Mataram in about one and a half hours. Estimated travel time will not be much different even if departing from Lombok International Airport, which is located in Central Lombok.


Once in the port near Sekotong, you will easily find fishermen who offer crossing services to Gili Gede. Usually tourists will leave through the Tawun Port. From here you can also go to Gili Layar and Rengit.


The location of Gili Gede is not far from Lembar Harbor, about 45 minutes away with a distance of approximately 36km. The road conditions are quite smooth, both for two and four-wheeled vehicles.


If you choose to leave from Lembar Harbor which is the Lombok’s entrance gate from the west, as far as the eye can see, you will see a group of small islands in the Sekotong region. They are very beautiful and awesome.