Essential Tips Before Wae Rebo Village Trekking

In East Nusa Tenggara Province, there is a unique village where people still live in a traditional house called Mbaru Niang. It is tall and conical in shape and is completely covered in lontar thatch from its rooftop down to the ground.


Located in Manggarai Regency, Flores, it takes around 2 up to 3 hours from Labuan Bajo and before entering the village you have to walk from Denge Village for 4 hours because Wae Rebo can not be accessed by car.


Because the way to Wae Rebo Village is quite extreme, there are some things you have to prepare. Below we will share some essential tips before Wae Rebo Village Trekking.


beautiful wae rebo village in flores

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1. A strong backpack for trekking to Wae Rebo

Backpack is the right choice to bring for your trip to Wae Rebo because rough terrain you will be passed through. To get this village, you will be guided by Manggarai local residents to show you the way. But there is an alternative if you have more than one bag. You can board out them at lodge in Denge Village.


2. Hiking shoes

Shoes are important thing when you go to Wae Rebo. The road to go to the village is rough. You will pass rocky roads, uphill dirt roads and rivers with the bamboo bridges. It is not recommended to use sandals because during the rainy season the road will become muddy and slippery.


3. Jacket and sock for sleeping

Wae Rebo is located in the highlands, therefore the temperature at night is cold. When you decide to stay overnight in this village, they will give you sleeping pad and blanket but it’s not enough to protect your body from cold. Sleeping jackets and socks will help warm your body during sleep so don’t forget to bring it.


4. Bring Cash

After leaving Labuan Bajo you will not find any ATM. So, you have to bring enough cash to pay for lodging, petrol cars, guides, porters or maybe to buy some souvenirs from Wae Rebo villagers.


5. Books for children in Wae Rebo Village

Bringing some books for Wae Rebo children will give positive impact for them. Their ability of Indonesian language stills less and they use mostly Manggarai language for their daily life. They will leave Wae Rebo to Denge for starting their school which begin from Elementary School level. In Wae Rebo there is a library built to help the villagers gaining access to knowledge.


6. Backup battery

In Wae Rebo the electricity is on from 6 pm to 10 pm, so access to electricity is very limited. To meet the needs in using electronic devices especially smartphones, you can bring a backup battery or power bank. However, this backup battery is not a priority because starting from Denge Village there is no signal there.


7. Physical preparation

The long trek to Wae Rebo requires physical strength because the road to the village is quite extreme. Before starting the journey make sure you are in fit and healthy condition. There are three stop stations for resting. You also have to bring water for drink and some snack during your trekking.


wae rebo panorama top of hills

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Wae Rebo is a super unique and interesting place to visit. Although access to reach it is quite difficult, you will not regret it when reaching the village on the top. At Wae Rebo Village, you will be welcomed by friendly local people. This village also has a stretch of scenery that will impress you. Wae Rebo Village must be added to your travelling list.