6 Unique Things Only in Lombok Sade Traditional Village

Hearing Lombok, of course you can imagine the various beautiful beaches that lie on this island. Lombok has the most unique variety of beaches that are different from beaches in general, and because of that Lombok is very popular among domestic and foreign tourists, especially those who like water tourism.


However, it is not only the beaches that become the main attraction of Lombok. There are many other tourist sites and one of them is Sade Traditional Village which describes a beautiful panorama as well as the village situation which is still very traditional.


If you are looking for an area that is still beautiful, complete with panoramic views of ancient time, or far from modernization, then you can visit this traditional village of Lombok, located in Central Lombok, in Pujut region. Visiting Sade Traditional Village you will be taken to a place that does not seem to care about the flow of modernization. Here are some unique things that you will encounter when visiting this village.



1. The floor is covered with buffalo dung


the sade house floors are covered with buffalo dung

Credit: GNFI

Unlike floors at houses in general, in Sade Village, the floor of the house is covered with buffalo dung every time. The goals are to make floors clean from dust, to strengthens the floor and it has a function to prevent insects, especially mosquitoes from entering the house.



2. The residence of Sasak Tribe


sasak tribe in sade village

Credit: SungkarTrans

Sade Village is the residence of the Sasak Tribe, which is the original tribe of Lombok. There are about 700 people in the village. Marriages in this village are still carried out in one clump, so that the authenticity of the residents is still very much maintained.



3. Houses with various functions


bale house in sade village

Credit: Arsitur

The houses in Sade Village are made in various types, including the Bale Bonter, Bale Kodong and Bale Tani. These types of houses are based on their function. Bale Bonter serves as a home for village officials. In addition, Bale Bonter has a function for customary trials. There is also a Bale Kodong as a place to live for elderly people or for people who have just married but still do not have a place to live. Bale Tani, is a house for people who mostly work as farmers.



4. Earthquake resistant houses


Earthquake resistant houses of sasak in lombok

Credit: Kompasiana

In Sade Village, there are around 150 houses. These houses are still very simple. The walls are from woven bamboo, the roofs are form dry reeds, and floors are made of a mixture of clay and rice husks. The buildings in Sade Village are earthquake-resistant houses. After a big earthquake that rocked Sade Village several years ago, the houses in Sade Village still look sturdy.



5. Unique traditions


marriage unique traditions of sasak tribe

Credit: Hipwee

Sade Traditional Village has several unique traditions, one of them is the marriage tradition. When getting married, women must first be kidnapped by the men. Later, the place where the man and woman meet before the woman is kidnapped is in front of the Sade Love Tree.



6. Woven fabric


woven fabric of sade villagers

Credit: NayakaSurfSchool

Women in Lombok Sade Traditional Village are required to be able to weave. The women in this village mostly work as weavers. No wonder there are many sellers of woven fabrics along the road to Sade Village. When you come to Sade, don’t forget to buy woven fabrics that are sold by the local residents.