10 Amazing Things To Do in Karimunjawa

The Paradise of Java, that’s how Karimunjawa is known by many people. The group of islands in the north of Java Island has captured the attention of many travelers because of the beauty it offers, ranging from beach tourism, underwater, mangrove forests to its cultural potential. That is why Karimunjawa become one of the popular tourist destinations in the Java Pantura region.


However, not everyone knows what to do when travelling to Karimunjawa. A dozen, even dozens of small islands in Karimunjawa, almost all have their own potential and uniqueness. With vacation time that may be very limited, of course special strategies are needed to get a memorable vacation in Karimunjawa.


Here are 10 amazing things to do in Karimunjawa that you can consider before deciding to go on vacation to this ‘Paradise of Java’.



1. Island hopping


island hoping in karimunjawa

Credit: TravelingYuk

There are at least 27 islands in the Karimunjawa cluster. Therefore, if exploring only one island is a big mistake. Starting from Karimunjawa, Burung Island, Bengkoang Island to Katang Island, each has its own uniqueness that you need to explore.


You can rent a boat, which usually has a passenger capacity of up to 15 people. You can share the costs with other travelers who are also interested in doing exciting activities in Karimunjawa. Usually, boat rental prices reach IDR1,300,000 with lending facilities for snorkeling equipment and also BBQ on one of the islands visited. It’s fun, right?



2. Explore the underwater world of Karimunjawa


Explore the underwater world of Karimunjawa

Credit: JogloWisata

Snorkeling is another exciting activity in Karimunjawa that you have to do. The beauty of the underwater world and the wealth of the Karimunjawa biota are among the best in Indonesia.


For those who can’t swim, there are life jackets to rent. Frog shoes and goggles are included too. As a result, you can see a variety of cute and colorful marine life and various forms of coral reefs.



3. Exploring ship wreck on Kemujan Island


Exploring ship wreck on Kemujan Island

Credit: YukPiknik

Yes, there is a ship wreck near Kemujan Island. You can browse directly to the site by doing extreme snorkeling or diving for those who have been trained and experienced.


The ship wreck was a coal carrier during the Dutch East Indies government. So, it has a historical value. The underwater panorama and marine life around the shipwreck also contribute to the beauty of this one destination.



4. Setting foot on a tiny sand island


Setting foot on a tiny sand island karimunjawa

Credit: ShellaHudaya

There are some Gosongs (tiny sand island) in Karimunjawa. Exploring some of them is another fun thing to do in Karimunjawa that you must try.


They are Cemara, Kumbang, Selikur, Batu Putih, Seloka, Karang Moncong, Karang Besi and Tengah which can be an option for you to visit. No matter which Gosong you choose, the sensation of setting your foot there is guaranteed to be special.



5. Swim with sharks on Menjangan Besar Island


Swim with sharks on Menjangan Besar Island

Credit: Mundooz

Who says sharks are vicious? In the Menjangan Besar Island shark breeding, you can prove that the assumption is wrong. The way to prove it is to swim with them.


In the captivity, the sharks are a type of blacktip reef shark, a shark that usually live in the shallow water. This shark is known to be docile, even quite friendly with other creatures around it, including humans. Interested to swim with sharks?



6. Chasing cute dolphins


Chasing cute dolphins in karimunjawa

Credit: Pinterest

Dolphins are not only seen on Lovina Beach, Bali. Between Menjangan Kecil Island and Cemara Kecil Island, you can also find mammals that have above average intelligence levels.


The difference is, at Lovina Beach, you can see the activity of dolphins almost at any time, while in Karimunjawa, the dolphins only appear occasionally. If you are lucky, you can see this mammal swimming beside the boat you are riding.



7. Watch the best sunset, sunrise and stargazing


Watch the best sunset in karimunjawa

Credit: BersukariaTour

Want to see the sunset, you can here. Sunrise? Also no problem. Stargazing is fine too. With minimal pollution on Karimunjawa, especially on the outer islands, you have to do all these amazing activities. In fact, you can enjoy the stunning views on the beach while lying on the white sand.



8. Trekking in the Karimunjawa mangrove forest


Trekking in the Karimunjawa mangrove forest

Credit: CheekyPassports

Mangrove forests in Karimunjawa are quite interesting to explore. Beside lush and beautiful, there are variety of flora and fauna that live in it.


Not only do trekking, you can also go up to the viewing post where you can see the view of the mangrove forest from above or see the sunset in the afternoon.



9. Fully relax and enjoy the time


Fully relax and enjoy the time

Credit: EnchantingTravels

When you meet a white sandy beach and clear sea, it’s hard not to have fun there. There are many exciting things to do in Karimunjawa you can do, ranging from sunbathing, playing sand or just daydreaming. In essence, please maximize your time to relax and lazing here before returning to your routine!


With so many islands and white sandy beaches, you can do this fun activity at any time. Think of the island as your private island.



10. Selfie at Bukit Cinta (Love Hill)


selfie at bukit cinta karimunjawa

Credit: PiknikAsik

There is also a special selfie spot in Karimunjawa called the Bukit Cinta. Here, you are free to express yourself. Bukit Cinta is also a fun spot to enjoy the natural panorama in Karimunjawa. The combination of sea, sand and verdant land will keep your eyes cool.