Ubud Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Ubud Monkey Forest Sanctuary, otherwise known as Mandala Suci Wenara Wana, is a nature reserve and temple complex located in Ubud, Bali. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ubud, often visited by more than 10,000 tourists every month.


The area is not only a tourist attraction, but also home to around 340 Macaca fascicularis, better known as long-tailed macaques. The monkeys are divided into four groups, each inhabiting a different area of the forest.


Interesting Activities in Monkey Forest Ubud

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Interesting Activities in Monkey Forest Ubud

In the Monkey Forest Ubud area, visitors can explore the beauty of nature while enjoying the serenity that is presented. The 27-hectare forest boasts over 115 different plant species, creating a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere. In addition, the area also houses the Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal, a ritual site for Lord Shiva, and other temples that are often used for Ngaben ceremonies.


As one walks along the Monkey Forest, visitors can find a variety of culinary options, ranging from Balinese specialties to Western dishes. Bebek Bengil restaurant, located about 500 meters from the Monkey Forest Ubud on Jalan Hanoman, is highly recommended for its roasted and fried duck. Apart from duck, visitors are also advised to try the various rib dishes available. The delicious taste is guaranteed to spoil your tongue, providing an unforgettable culinary experience. Not only that, Monkey Forest Ubud is also a place to find various typical Ubud handicrafts, such as beadwork, baskets, wood carvings, ikat weaving, paintings, and silver crafts.


For those who need a place to stay, the Ubud area provides a variety of accommodation options ranging from homestays to resorts and villas. For visitors looking for classy accommodation such as resorts or villas, some recommended options include Komaneka Resorts Ubud and Villa KajaNe Mua, Maya Ubud Resort & Spa, and Four Seasons Bali.


Attractions of Ubud Monkey Forest

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Attractions of Ubud Monkey Forest


Tourists who come here can do many interesting things, including:


Interact with Monkeys


The main thing that attracts tourists to come and choose the Monkey Forest Ubud tour package is interacting with monkeys. During this time, wild monkeys always stay away from humans and spend most of their days up in the trees. However, the monkeys in this place actually have more interaction with tourists who come.


Although interaction with monkeys can be done easily, tourists are advised to stick to the rules. Although they look tame, they are still wild animals that could hurt anyone who gets close. You are advised not to force yourself to have a two-way interaction so that the tour here goes smoothly.


Visiting the Temple in the Forest


In addition to interacting with monkeys, tourists can also visit sacred temples in the forest. There are several temple buildings in this area. First, which is used as a playground for the monkeys. Second, the one that is bigger and used as a place of worship by local residents.


You are advised to visit the larger temple only. For the smaller temple, tourists can simply see it from afar. Some monkeys consider the area to be their territory, so anyone who comes in can be attacked. These two temples are included in the ticket package with the forest area.


Witnessing Monkey Activities


The primates’ descent from the top of the trees and activities on the ground is certainly a very interesting spectacle package. Travelers who are fond of photography can shoot macaque activities with a camera from their movements that want to approach tourists, hang on trees, to macaques relaxing in the temple building.


Travelers can take various poses of these primates. However, when taking pictures, the camera must be held firmly. Some of the monkeys often act ignorant and grab the camera because they find it interesting. In order for the photography activities in this tour package to run smoothly, tourists must always be careful.


Enjoying a Quiet Atmosphere


The last thing that can be done by tourists who take a tour package to Monkey Forest Ubud is to enjoy the tranquility. In the morning or late afternoon, the atmosphere here becomes very calm and suitable for relaxation. You can walk in the middle of the forest through the path provided by the manager.


Although the area outside the path is very beautiful as it has a natural river flow, tourists who take this package are advised not to barge in because it is dangerous when monkeys attack suddenly. So, staying on the designated path is the right choice when visiting.

Tips for Visiting Monkey Forest Ubud

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Tips for Visiting Monkey Forest Ubud


Some tips that must be done when visiting Monkey Forest Ubud are:


* Do not bring anything too shiny like jewelry. The monkeys here are very attracted to such items. Put them in a vehicle such as a car, so that the monkeys do not come and take them by force.


* Do not interact too closely. Forest managers prohibit anyone from giving food to the apes, as this can make the animals sick or even attack them if they feel they are not getting enough food. Interaction should be kept to a minimum.


* If a macaque takes something forcibly, do not hit it. Doing so may make the monkey angry and cause it to attack.


* The best time to come here is between 3pm and 4pm WITA as the monkeys are full and have no desire to attack.