The World of Automotive in Museum Angkut Malang, East Java

Explore the past through various modes of transportation at Museum Angkut Malang. Indonesia has a rich culture and history. One important aspect of this history is transportation, which played a huge role in the development of human civilisation. In the middle of Malang, East Java, there is a unique destination that invites us to explore the past through various modes of transportation from different eras. This is what makes Museum Angkut Malang an interesting and enchanting tourist destination.


Getting to know Museum Angkut Malang


classic cars collection inside museum angkut malam



Museum Angkut Malang, or often called the Museum of Transportation, was established in 2014 and has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city of Malang. Its unique concept makes this museum different from other transportation museums in general. In addition to collecting vehicles and means of transportation from the past to the present, Museum Angkut also displays cultural and architectural backgrounds from various countries.


The museum occupies an area of more than 3.5 hectares and is located in the Kota Wisata Batu area, Malang, East Java Province. From the outside, the museum building attracts attention with its elegant European-style architecture. Visitors will immediately feel like they are traveling to distant lands just by stepping into the museum complex.


A Journey Through Time and Space in Malang Angkut Museum 


historical zone attractions at angkut museum in malang



Upon entering the museum, visitors are greeted with a breathtaking view. Various transportation collections from various eras are beautifully and neatly displayed. Ranging from classic horse-drawn carriages, antique cars to legendary airplanes, everything is placed in a very well-maintained condition.


Not just on display, Museum Angkut also offers a unique interactive experience for visitors. You can take a photo with a background that matches the vehicle of your choice, such as posing in front of a Hollywood-style luxury car or even looking like a 1920s gangster.


Cultural Zone at Museum Angkut


One of the other highlights of Museum Angkut is the cultural zone featuring replicas of landmarks from various countries. Visitors can experience the sensation of being in New York’s Times Square, taking pictures in front of Paris’ Eiffel Tower, or wandering around an area with Japanese architecture. Each zone is designed with stunning detail and provides a memorable experience.


Not only that, Museum Angkut also organizes art and cultural performances on the main stage. Traditional dances, cultural parades and various other interesting events often fill your day when visiting this museum.


front look of museum angkut malang in east java



Interesting Spots of Museum Angkut


Museum Angkut is divided into several zones. Each zone adjusts the theme of the vehicle, so each zone will give a different sensation, here are the zones.


1. Main Hall Zone


This zone is immediately found when you just entered the main door. In this room, visitors can see various collections of transportation facilities from time to time along with explanations. This hall looks luxurious and contains a wide collection of vehicles from various countries. Because of its good design and supported by light decoration in such a way, it creates an elegant impression.


2. Sunda Kelapa and Batavia Zone


This zone takes us to Sunda Kelapa Harbor in ancient times. Here you can see various miniature ships that were docked at that time. Discover the nuances of old Batavia, a replica of the Syahbandar tower and various types of transportation in it. Entering this zone visitors can feel the atmosphere of old Jakarta when it became a famous port in the Dutch era.


3. EU zone


This zone is represented by four countries namely Italy, Germany, France and the UK. One of the most famous is the collection of antique cars made in England. Visitors can see antique cars of historical value from England that were once used by Queen Elizabeth II. In addition, you can also take pictures in front of the famous Buckingham Palace miniature in front of it.


4. Gangster Zone and Broadway


This zone displays the atmosphere of the city of Chicago in 1920 when a famous gangster named Al Capone was involved in many crimes such as prostitution, bribery and liquor. The dark atmosphere of the gangster neighbourhood is transformed into a beautiful and stunning scenery with artistic settings.


5. Hollywood Zone


Although this zone is the smallest, we can see several replicas of vehicles that are often found in the Hollywood box office. Like Batman’s bat mobile and Scooby Doo’s car. If you want to see the Hulk, then this is the place to be. In this zone, visitors can also see some autographs of famous artists and figures in Indonesia.


6. Flight Training/Simulator Zone


Not only a collection of cars, there is also training on aircraft transportation. If visitors want to see how the plane is operated, this is the place. Although it is only training, there will be an airplane cockpit that accompanies learning. Of course this will be an unforgettable experience because you will feel as if you are a real pilot.


7. Runway 27 Airport Zone


This zone is presented in the form of an out door. Here you can see a replica of the Boeing 737-200 which is the presidential plane. Still in this zone there is a café that has been designed like an airplane cabin. The menu offered is the menu on the plane. The price of food here starts from IDR 30,000, while the drinks start from IDR 15,000.


8. Las Vegas Zone


Surely you already know America’s night city, Las Vegas. No need to go all the way to America to take pictures in Las Vegas guys. In this zone, we can feel the sensation of being in the glamorous and modern Las Vegas. Upon entering this zone, we are greeted with the majestic Las Vegas Welcome gate. Since the design is very similar, you’ll love it.


9. Education Zone


As a tourist attraction that carries the concept of history and education, of course this museum provides a special zone for education. This zone is quite attractive in design with its interior colors and lighting. The fun and informative delivery of information makes children feel at home here.


10. Indonesian Heritage Museum


This zone, also known as Museum d’Topeng, features a variety of traditional Indonesian weapons. There are thousands of unique collections on display here. In addition, it also displays traditional weapons from other countries. So make sure you visit this zone for more education.


11. Nusantara Floating Market Zone


In this floating market we can relax while eating various culinary specialties of the archipelago. There are also many unique souvenirs and handicrafts for sale. As the name implies, buying and selling activities here are carried out on boats exactly the same as the Balikpapan city water market. In addition to the eleven zones above, you can also visit other zones, such as the British Beefeater, the Paris Eifel Tower, RI Cars and Helicopters and City Stations. There is also the Skoci zone, Parade, VR to the Amsterdam zone.