Have You Heard About the Nusa Islands?

The Nusa Islands are a tropical trio less than 30 minutes by boat from mainland Bali. The islands are still considered part of Bali, but you will feel worlds away from the rapid pace and buzz of Kuta and Seminyak. Life on the Nusa Islands is all about enjoying nature, surfing, snorkeling, cliff jumping, hiking and relaxing in a chill island atmosphere.



Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan


The attractions here are mostly natural. The beaches and other coastal landscapes are obviously a key draw, as are the sunsets. There are a limited number of man-made attractions, most notably temples and the rickety suspension bridge. The Must See…


Dream Beach – A very dreamy beach indeed. A hotel with an infinity pool and a restaurant overlooking this cute little cove of white sand and crystal clear water. You will have a great time swimming in the decent shore break waves at this beach. A perfect spot to hang out for the day with good access to food, drinks and pools.


dream beach nusa lembongan

Dream Beach in Nusa Lembongan



Devil’s Tear – Exploring Devil’s Tears is the best thing to do on Nusa Lembongan  The outcrop sucks the water in before it explodes out with a boom, creating the tears of the devil. Not only does it make the devil cry but the spray also creates a rainbow on many occasions. Pretty spectacular…


devil tears beach lembongan island

Devil’s Tear in Nusa Lembongan



Sandy Bay – A sunset beach with gorgeous white sandy shoreline with bright blue seas crashing down on the rocky cliffs that form the bay.


sandy bay beach lembongan

Sandy Bay beach in Nusa Lembongan



Jungut Batu Beach – This beach is the main strip and the longest beach on Nusa Lembongan. All of the wooden tour boats and fishing vessels moor here. There is a surf break out quite a far way if you are keen to hit the swell.  Jungut Batu is a great spot to witness the sunset. The sky fills with electric orange and vibrant yellow colors.


jungut batu beach lembongan

Jungut Batu beah in Nusa Lembongan



Mushroom Bay – Mushroom Bay is an awesome spot to grab a bite, hang out in a relaxed atmosphere and even rent a SUP board. It has a great family/calm atmosphere to the entire bay with a range of good restaurants along the strip.


mushroom bay lembongan

Mushroom Bay in Nusa Lembongan



Mangrove Forest – Trip through the Mangrove Forest at Nusa Lembongan in a traditional dugout canoe.


mangrove forest lembongan island

Mangrove Forest in Nusa Lembongan


If your keen for Cliff jumps, the best spots are The Devil’s Tear Cliff Jump & Dream Beach Cliff Jump!



Nusa Penida


Nusa Penida is the biggest of the three Nusa Islands just off from mainland Bali. It is the most Authentic one. Nusa Penida has no real roads to the main view points and is hard to access. The best way are to use a private driver or when ever possible motorbikes. The must see…


Atuh Beach – Atuh Beach is a stunning white sand beach surrounded by huge cliffs and remarkable rock formations. An arch sits directly out from the shore while several islets string off in the distance.


atuh beach penida island

Atuh Beach



The Peguyangan Waterfall – Blue stairway to heaven. A steep cliff side trail comprised of blue steel stairs lead you down to the bottom of the cliffs and the waterfall.


stairway lead to peguyangan waterfall

Peguyangan Waterfall



Kelingking Secret Point Beach – The rock of Kelingking Beach looks a little like the backbone of a dinosaur that would drink in the sea. On Google Map the bay has also been called T-Rex Bay. Kelingking is one of the best view point of Nusa Penida – if you are brave enough and not scared of heights you can also walk down to it’s white sand beach. If you are lucky you will see Manta rays from the top of the cliff. The esplanade overlooking the rock is now very popular with tourists and drone pilots.


Kelingking Secret Point Beach

Kelingking Secret Point Beach



The Manta Ray’s -realize your dream and Wim with Manta Rays. It will be one of the best snorkeling experience of your life!


snorkeling with manta rays in nusa penida

The Manta Ray’s



Broken Beach – Is is an incredible little cove on Nusa Penida island. The highlight of the cove and the reason it is called Broken Beach is due to the archway that wraps around the bay allowing water to flow in and out from the ocean. All around the world, there are unique ways in which the earth has eroded over time. Sometimes mother nature leaves us with something quite outstanding!


broken beach nusa penida

Broken Beach



Crystal Bay – The water is crystal clear thus excellent for snorkeling or diving. At Crystal Bay you will see schools of anthias and batfish which comes around periodically. A bat cave is located nearby. There is a beautiful white sandy beach at Banjar Penida, west of Sakti village on the north western coast facing Nusa Ceningan. Crystal Bay is one of the few places in the world where one can see the awesome mola mola. Crystal Bay beach is also a great place to rest for the day!


crystal bay nusa penida

Crystal Bay



Toyapakeh is especially known for its stretch of beautiful coral reefs. In the southern part of the bay there is a similar area that is rich with color and fish, sea turtles and occasionally Mola mola or sunfish, the highlight of diving at Toyapakeh, can be sighted here.


activity snorkeling at toyapakeh



Angel’s Billabong – The Billabong is a remarkable formation. The crystal clear water allows you to see the patterns and textures beneath the surface. In some areas, the water is deep enough for a little dip! It is a highly photographed spot on Nusa Penida because of how unique the landscape is.As with all tidal pools you need to arrive at the right time of day. Don’t forget to check out the tide using the right App.



Angel’s Billabong



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