10 Recommended Things To Do in Malang

Malang is one of the cities in East Java which is located on a highland, about 90 km away from the Surabaya City. Due its location in a highland, Malang has cool air and is very suitable for vacation.


Malang is the second largest city in East Java after Surabaya and is also known as the “City of Students” because of many college student all around Indonesia stay in Malang for studying. Malang also deserves a nickname “City of Flowers” because of the cool atmosphere and there are still many natural green areas. Besides, Malang also offers some agro-tourism tourist attractions.


Malang has its own charm among both local and foreign tourists. There are so many touristy destinations or activities you can do in Malang area but this time we will share 10 recommended things to do in Malang. Here is the complete review.



1. Sky Cycling at Coban Rais


to do sky cycling at coban rais

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Malang which is famous for its natural attractions especially in Batu area offers many waterfall attractions or commonly known as “coban”. One of them which is worth a visit is the Coban Rais. Other than its beautiful scenery, the Coban Rais also provide sky cycling facilities where you can ride bicycle on a rope. While cycling in the sky you can see the beauty of the hill as the waterfall’s background.


Coban Rais is located about 16 kilometers from the City of Malang. This waterfall has a height of up to 20 meters and the water flows swiftly through a beautiful hills. For those who plan to visit this tourist attraction, make sure to visit not in the rainy season. It is because during the rainy season the water will turn dirty and very muddy.



2. Pine Cave


What to do in pine cave malang

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Forest tourism is very popular recently presenting the real beauty of nature. Same as the Pine Cave in Batu Malang. This attraction presents the beauty of pine forests as well as the beauty of Batu City. This place is perfect for refreshing the mind because its cool and green atmosphere.


Previously, this tourism object before being well managed was only a sand mining area, but after got attention from the local tourism office, Pine Cave has become one of main tourist attractions in Malang.



3. Jodipan Village


explore the jodipan village

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Jodipan Village has recently become popular thanks to the slum management council which has transformed the village into a beautiful, clean and certainly photogenic village. The management of Jodipan Village is initiated by a group of students from the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) who intends to change the slum environment into clean and colorful touristy place as well as to provide cleaning facilities to keep the village clean and well-maintained in the future.


The village which is located on the banks of the Berantas River has now been transformed into a place that is always crowded by travelers and photographers. An interesting spot in Jodipan Village is the existence of the Embong Berantas Bridge that connecting Jodipan Village with Tridi Village.



4. Balekambang Beach


beautiful balekambang beach in malang

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Malang in fact does not only offer the panorama of beautiful mountains and highlands. In Malang you can also enjoy the beauty of the southern coastal area which is almost as beautiful as Bali. What distinguishes the beach in Bali from the beach in Malang is the magnitude of the waves where Malang beaches tend to have large waves. It is because of the location which is directly facing the ocean.


One of beach destination in Malang you must visit is the Balekambang Beach. This beach has similar contour to the one in Bali, which is the Tanah Lot where there is a temple on a small island adjacent to the coast. The temple in Balekambang is called Amerta Jati Temple and stands on an island called Ismoyo Island. This temple is still actively used as a place of worship for Hindus, both regular worship ceremonies and large ceremonies such as ‘Suroan’.


On this beach you can enjoy the beauty of the sunset with the silhouette of the temple. When the water at the beach is receding, you will see quite exotic rocks on the beach. Along the 2 km coastline, there are three small beaches named from puppet characters, which are the Anoman Beach, Wisanggeni Beach and Ismoyo Beach.



5. Jatim Park


jatim park playground in malang city

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As one of the main tourist destination in East Java, Malang has also an amusement park that you should visit while vacationing in Malang. The amusement park is called the Jatim Park. The playground has a fairly large size and is claimed as one the best amusement park in Indonesia due to its international standard facilities.


Because of its width making Jatim Park is divided into two areas which are the Jatim Park 1 and Jatim Park 2. This amusement park will always be crowded by tourists especially in weekend, therefore it is highly recommend to come to this amusement park on weekdays.



6. Angkot Museum


vehicles collection in angkot museum

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Once, Malang was the centers of civilization in prehistoric times. No wonder there are many museums scattered around Malang area and one of them is the Angkut Museum. It is located on Jalan Terusan Sultan Agung Number 2, Batu City.


The Angkut Museum (Transport Museum) is quite famous among travelers in Indonesia. Standing in the area of 3.8 hectares, it has a fairly complete collection. As the name implies, the museum collection are vehicles from various eras and various countries.


Angkot Museum has a collection of 300 vehicles and has been confirmed that it is the largest museum in Southeast Asia. To accommodate of those hundred vehicles, the museum building is divided into 8 exhibition zones and each zone has its own unique characteristics.


Some of the zones are the Main Hall zone which holds several antique vehicles collection, the Education Hall zone which stores transportation history collection and the Euro Zone which keeps collections of vehicles originating from Europe. There is also a Floating Market which is a replica of the floating market selling various foods and drinks.



7. Coban Putri Waterfall


coban putri waterfall attraction in malang

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In Malang itself you can find many beautiful waterfalls with various heights. Another waterfall attraction you can visit in Malang is the Coban Putri Waterfall. It is located in the Tlekung Village. Having clear and fresh water make this place very suitable for bathing or just swimming.


Coban Putri has adequate facilities and some of them are a swing spot located right on the side of the waterfall where you can take selfie picture and the “God’s Hand” photo spot.



8. Mount Semeru, Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park


mount semeru climbing to mahameru peak

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The next things to do in Malang is to climb the Semeru Mountain. Semeru which has a height reaching 3,676 meters above sea level is the highest mountain on the island of Java. It is also one of active volcano in Indonesia. Climbers who want to go to the top of Mahameru Peak usually start their journey from Ranu Pane Village.


In the early stages of the trip to reach the peak, climbers will end up at the Ranu Kumbolo lake. The lake is so beautiful and surrounded by green hills.


If you arrive in this location means you have reached an altitude of 2,400 meters above sea level and the area is quite cold. Often the climbers set up tents and spend the night here before continue their journey to the top of Mahameru.


The next tourist area encountered by climbers is the Oro-oro Ombo field, which presents the beauty of Edelweiss Flower, the symbol of eternity. There are also Verbana Barisliensis Vell flowers which are only found in Indonesia.



9. Madam Wang Secret Garden Cafe


Madam Wang Secret Garden Cafe is a recommended place in malang

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Malang is a city that has a diversity of culture and history, so it’s no wonder that Malang has many unique and certainly delicious places to eat. One of culinary place you can visit in Malang is Madam Wang Secret Garden Cafe.


Madam Wang Secret Garden has two areas to choose which are the warm and beautiful outdoor area and the cozy indoor area. The recommended food here is the typical Jogja Chicken Gudeg and apple strudel snack.


Madam Wang Secret Garden also offers a small boutique that also sells a collection of fabrics and a variety of yarns that can be used for embroidery. This cafe is located at Telomoyo Road 12, Malang City.



10. Inggil Restaurant


having dinner at inggil restaurant malang

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The uniqueness of Inggil Restaurant is that visitors can enjoy culinary amidst antique items. This restaurant is not just a restaurant located next to a museum but a restaurant that is inside the museum. It is located at Jalan Gajah Mada Number 4, Malang City.


In this restaurant, you can eat food with traditional dishes while surrounded by antique items such as ancient weapons, ancient typewriters, ancient clocks, a variety of historic furniture, traditional Javanese masks as well as some old photos collection.


Inggil Restaurant also present art attractions such as Javanese art performances that visitors can enjoy after having dinner.