10 Papua Best Beaches

Papua is the largest and easternmost province in Indonesia. This island has unlimited natural wealth which make Papua is the richest island in Indonesia. In the land of Papua, there is abundant copper and gold. Papua also become the paradise of biodiversity left on earth today.


Talking about the wealth of Papua, of course, this island has also some beautiful and charming beaches. Here are 10 Papua Best Beaches you should visit if having holiday in the east part of Indonesia.



1. Waiwo Beach


waiwo beach in raja ampat

Credit: KSMTour

One of the most beautiful beaches in Papua is in Raja Ampat. It’s called the Waiwo Beach. This beach is located in Waigeo Pier, Waigeo Island, Raja Ampat Regency, West Irian Jaya. The Beach has clean white sand with clear sea water. It is so clear that you can see small fish swimming.


The waves are also not too big so it is safe for swimming. At Waiwo Beach there are also two piers. There is a wooden pier where you can sit and do fishing and become a place for local children to jump into the sea. There is also a floating dock where tourists often feed fish from this pier.



2. Harlem Beach


harlem beach in jayapura regency

Credit: OmWisata

Harlem Beach is located in Jayapura Regency, Papua, precisely in Tablanusu Village, Depapre District. From Jayapura, you must first take a fairly challenging terrain to get to Depapre. From Depapre, you can only take the sea route to reach Harlem Beach. Harlem Beach has a coastline around 700 meters. The beach has clean white sand without gravel.


The atmosphere is shady because there are coconut trees, bintanggur and sago that grow near the beach. In Harlem, local residents provide facilities for visitors, including huts and bathrooms. At Harlem Beach, you can also find a freshwater pool about 7 meters from the beach.



3. Bosnik Beach


bosnik beach in papua province

Credit: KenaliJatiDirimu

Bosnik Beach or also known as Segara Indah Beach is located on the east side of Biak Island, precisely in Woniki Village, East Biak, Biak Numfor Regency, Papua Province. Bosnik Beach can be reached by motorbike taxi or car rental. The white sandy beaches are very beautiful with scattered coral reefs. The ocean currents are quite heavy so you have to be careful if want to do snorkeling here.


Bosnik is a beach which is quite crowded with tourists. Around the beach, there are many huts that you can use to sit and relax while enjoying the view of the beach while sipping young coconut water.



4. Bakaro Beach


bakaro beach biak papua

Credit: MKWTourism

Another Papua best beach is the Bakaro Beach. This beach is located about 3 km from White Sand Beach. The White Sand Beach is a favorite tourist spot of Manokwari residents. Bakaro Beach and White Sand Beach are only separated by Kampung Parisido, where most of the Biak Numfor people live.


Bakaro Beach is so exotic. Here you can swim and also fish. One of unique tourist attractions on Bakaro Beach is the act of calling fishes from deep seas to the seaside waters using a whistle made from the conch shell where the fishes will then approach and are feeded.



5. Tanjung Kasuari Beach


tanjung kasuari beach in sorong papua

Credit: IndonesiaTourism

One of the most beautiful beaches in Papua is located in Sorong, Papua. It is the Tanjung Kasuari Beach which become an oasis in Sorong City. From Sorong City, you can reach Tanjung Kasuari Beach by taking a public transport car for about 30 minutes.


Tanjung Kasuari Beach has clean white sand with clear blue sea water. Around the coast there are also many shady trees. The sea at Tanjung Kasuari Beach is also quite safe for you to swim. This beach is always crowded on weekends. So, if you want to enjoy a calmer atmosphere, just come on a normal day.



6. Amai Beach


amai beach in depapre district

Credit: WennyLedwar

Another one of Papua best beaches are also located in the Depapre District. It is the Amai Beach located around 50 km from the city of Jayapura. To visit Amai Beach, you will only be charged a parking fee. From the parking area, you have to pass the path to the forest until you find the river flow. After that, then you will see the Amai Beach.


After playing with water in the sea, you can clean yourself in the river flow. Amai Beach has very soft white sand and clear sea water. Along the beaches there are shady trees where you can sit and relax.



7. Yaben Beach


yaben beach in raja ampat

Credit: MagazineJobLike

Yeben Beach is located in Raja Ampat, Papua, precisely on Yeben Island. You can reach Yeben Island by crossing from Cemara Beach for around 1.5 hours. Yeben Beach has beautiful white sand and clear sea water.


In the waters of Yeben Beach, you can swim or snorkel to enjoy the beauty of various coral reefs. The water currents are calm enough. The Yeben Island itself is just a small, uninhabited island.



8. Arborek Beach


arborek exotic beach in raja ampat papua

Credit: PesonaTravel

Still in Raja Ampat area, Arborek Beach also has the beauty that makes it worthy of being dubbed as the most beautiful beach in Papua. Arborek Beach is located on Arborek Island, about 1 hour from the capital city of Raja Ampat Regency, Waisai. Arborek Beach has a beautiful natural panorama of white sand. Uniquely, this white sand can not only be found on the beach, but throughout Arborek Island. In fact, the houses of the people on the island of Arborek were covered with white sand.


Some of the activities you can do at Arborek Beach are snorkeling, diving, and fishing. You can also watch the locals do “bameti”. It is an activity along the beach to find sea creatures that can be eaten. Bameti is generally done by the women in Arborek Village.



9. Cemara Beach


cemara is best beach in papua

Credit: BackpackerJakarta

Cemara Beach is located near Waiwo Beach. This beach is also located in Waisai, the capital of Raja Ampat Regency. From the city center, you can reach Cemara Beach in half an hour. It is not only the white sand and the clear blue sea that makes this Cemara Beach become one of the most beautiful beaches in Papua. This beach is even more alluring with the sea evergreen trees that grow around the beach.



10. Tablanusu Beach


beautiful tablanusu jayapura

Credit: CendrawasihPapua

Finally, the best beach in Papua that you should not miss is the Tablanusu Beach. It is also located in the Depapre District. Tablanusu Beach is situated in the opposite direction to Amai Beach. This beach is quite unique where the beach is not a stretch of sand, but a flat stretch of gravel. You can get a free reflexology by walking barefoot on these rocks.


The waters at Tablanusu Beach are also very clear. You can swim, play banana boats as well as dive. The atmosphere at Tablanusu Beach is also calm. Rows of coconut tree adds the beautiful atmosphere.