10 Indonesia Best Waterparks

Swimming is always a fun activity to do when on vacation. You can do it at the beach, pool or at the waterpark. Waterpark itself is one of favorite water attractions in every country because all of people can enjoy it.


In Indonesia, there are many unique and interesting waterparks. Among the existing ones, several waterparks have international quality. In fact, some of them get awards at the international level.


Here are 10 Indonesia best waterparks you can enjoy for reference.



1. Waterbom Bali


waterbom bali rides

Credit: BeatMyPath


Waterbom Bali is named as the number one best water theme park in Asia and has won the TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice in 2014. In the heart of Kuta, Waterbom Bali is set amidst the beauty of tropical gardens. It is a paradise for adrenaline junkies with super high, winding and certainly addictive waterslides.


Favorite rides at Waterbom Bali include Climax, Smash Down, Pipeline, Double Twist, Green Vipers, Flow Rider and many more. If you are already overwhelmed with adrenaline, just cool down at Lazy River. Relax on the tires, go with the flow and enjoy the cool water.



2. Snowbay Watertainment


Favorite rides at Snowbay Watertainments

Credit: FactsofIndonesia


Waterpark in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) area in Jakarta is already well-known throughout Indonesia. With a white snowy atmosphere, snowbay is a favorite recreation place for Jakarta residents for chill-out while playing water and have some fun. Moreover, tire facilities are also free here.


Favorite rides at Snowbay Watertainments are Hurricane, Flush Bowl, Tube Coaster, Everslide and Ghost Valley. If you are getting tired, you can relax on Typhoon River which will take you floating around the Snowbay area, or you can soak in the Hot Spa, a small pool with warm water that will release fatigue of the body.



3. Atlantis Water Adventure


Atlantis Water Adventure in Ancol

Credit: Ancol


Atlantis is the pioneer of water theme park in Indonesia. The waterpark which is located in Ancol was formerly called the Gelanggang Renang, but was later overhauled and rebuilt with the concept of Atlantis, the legend of the lost water city. The atmosphere here is very nice and shady because there are many coconut trees which create the tropical atmosphere.


Favorite rides at Snowbay Watertainments are Dragon Slide, Crazy Highets & Longest Slide. Floating Pool is another favorite spot here because you can try to float even if you can’t swim. The secret? It turns out that the salt content in the pool water is quite high, similar to the sea. Speaking of sea, Atlantis also has a Wave Pool which the water sometime is calm but then hit by the waves that will make you adrift.



4. Circus Waterpark


The favorite rides at Circus Waterpark are Spiral Journey, Speed Tube Slider Spiral and Wave Slider.

Credit: HargaTiket


One more waterpark in Bali which is popular among the tourists is the Circus Waterpark. It has two groups of rides which are distinguished by age which are the adult rides and children rides. So, you won’t be confused or ask around if the rides safe for kids or not.


The favorite rides at Circus Waterpark are Spiral Journey, Speed Tube Slider Spiral and Wave Slider. For the children rides, there are the Green & Blue Macaron where you will jump out of the phinisi, or the Yellow Spiral Slider which ends in a pond with a giant bucket that spills gallons of water.



5. Pandawa Water World


The next Indonesia best waterpark is Pandawa Water World

Credit: MalangSemarang


The next Indonesia best waterpark is Pandawa Water World situated in Solo region. This water theme park carries a unique concept of wayang, which is the epic story of the Pandawa Lima (Five Pandawa), with giant sized Pandawa statues that are ready to guard you while playing water. Although the concept is so local, but there are some international standard water games you can try. Each rides is guarded by lifeguards and experienced doctors.


Some popular rides in Pandawa Waterpark are Black Hole Slide, Racer Slide and Raft Slide. There are also Bima Slides (slides for children), Krisna Wave Pool (wave pool) and a special pool for toddlers and children, the Kunti Pool.



6. Ciputra Waterpark


ciputra waterpark is the largest theme park in Southeast Asia

Credit: HargaTiket


The Ciputra Waterpark which is located in Surabaya is one of the largest theme park in Southeast Asia. The concept of this waterpark is quite interesting, like the fairytale of “1001 Nights” or like Sinbad’s adventurous world.


Some adrenaline rides you can try are the Roc Tower, Racer Slide, Syracuse Beach and Sirens River. For children there are also some kid-friendly rides as well, such as Sinbad Playground with giant bucket that splashes water gallons, Chimera Pool or Marina Lagoon.



7. The Jungle Water Adventure


jungle water theme park

Credit: SixOrganizer


This theme park which is situated in Bogor area is made according to its name, The Jungle, with the concept of playing water in the middle of the forest. The atmosphere is made beautiful and shady like tropical forests. Gardens with flowers and ornamental plants will intersperse your adventures gliding on The Jungle sliders and rides.


Some favorite rides in this waterpark are the Spiral Slide, Tube Slide, Racer Slide, Lazy Mahakam River and the Kawah Ratu. The Jungle Water Adventure has also a Kiddie Pool for children and a Wave Pool that will make you feel like swimming on a choppy beach. Therea are also many “dry” rides such as Bird Park, 3D Cinema or the Ghost House.



8. Waterbom Pantai Indah Kapuk


waterbom pik theme park in jakarta

Credit: KorinaTour


Our next recommendation for Indonesia great waterpark is the Waterbom Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) which is located in Jakarta. Carrying the concept of “The Urban Cool,” Waterbom PIK is a favorite place to refresh yourself from the heat of Jakarta city. Although many residents of the capital say that this waterbom is less reachable because of too far, yet it is still crowded on weekends.


Like other world class waterparks, here there are also wave pools, current pools and children’s rides such as Bom Blazter, Kiddy Slides and Kiddy Pool. Moreover, this waterpark is quite comfortable with many trees.



9. Jogja Bay


jogja bay pirate theme park

Credit: Trivindo


Jogja Bay has an area of 7.7 hectares with 19 exciting game rides that you can try. This pirate-themed waterpark from the movie of The Pirates of Caribbean is very unique and interesting. Here, tourists do not enjoy the water games only, but also get educational tours. Suitable for you who bring children.


Carrying the concept of edutainment (education and entertainment), Jogja Bay has exciting water attractions such as Memo Racer, Bekti Adventure, Volcano Coaster, Timo-Timo Rider, Jolie Raft River, Brando Boomeranggo, Ziggy Giant Barrel, Donte Wild River, Kula Playpool, Kula Playpool, Mimi Family and many more.



10. Treasure Bay


treasure bay theme park in riau island

Credit: Indomaritim


Treasure Bay which is situated in Riau Island is an adventure theme park that has a swimming pool with an area of 6.3 hectares. It has been crowned as the largest swimming pool in Southeast Asia. There are so many facilities and activities you can do, such as ATVs, segways, rodeo bulls as well as swimming in the artificial lakes with salt water called the Crystal Lagoon.


For you who like water rides, you can try various games in Crystal Lagoon. Among them are Slip & Slide, Cable Tube, Inflatable Kayaking, Jetovator, Sea Scooter, Stand Up Paddle, Water ZOVB, Water Tricycle, Water Sports Park, Chill Cove Wake Park, Aquaglide Sailboat and Bumper Boat.