The Best of Sumba

Sumba is an island in East Nusa Tenggara which is divided into four districts: West Sumba, Southwest Sumba, Central Sumba and East Sumba. The island is bordered by Sumbawa in the northwest, Flores in the northeast, Timor in the east and Australia in the south and southeast.


In Sumba there are airports and sea ports that connect Sumba with other islands such as Sumbawa Island, Flores Island and Timor Island. With this best of Sumba Tour Package, you will discover outstanding beaches, admire wonderful viewpoints and discover hidden gems given by the nature.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1: Airport - Bwanna Beach - Watu Molong

Arrival at the airport, picked up and welcomed! The first activity on the island will be to Watu Maladong, the beach where you can have a look at the enormous big rocks in the middle of the sea. It gives you slightly the feeling that you are in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Because of the big rocks magically coming out of the water.


After this, we will continue our journey and we will explore Bwanna Beach. Before you arrive there, you have to drive on a sandy road which guides you through a massive field of high grass. The beach of Bwanna is a long clear colorful sandy beach under a majestic cliff looking towards the Indian Ocean. Whilst the beauty is unquestionable, the beach is still unknown by most tourist, it makes it very private and very clean. 


 Accommodation : Hotel in South West Sumba

Day 2: Beach Viewpoints - Ratenggaro Village - The Salty Lake

After waking up and getting ready for a new day of exploring, you will be picked up at your hotel and you will be heading to Ratenggaro Village. Here you will be able to meet the locals, learn about their own culture and see the traditional Sumbanese Houses. The village is built near a beach which you can visit when you are there. You will have a nice view of the village while standing on the beach. You can see the peaks of the houses on the higher ground.


After the village, visit Weekuri Lake. This lake is a salt water lake at the south-west of Sumba. You can take a dive to experience the blue and clear water of Weekuri.


Continue the journey to Mandorak Beach which is very close to Weekuri Lake. The beach will provide a great and peaceful stay with nice spots. The big opening between two rock ridges will let the clear blue water pass through the beach and also let you look far into the ocean. When you are there, you can also take the higher ground which will give a view of the coastline and the rocky cliffs where you can watch the sunset.


Meals: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Accommodation: Hotel in South West Sumba

Day 3: Tarung & Waitabar Village - Green Hills - La Popu Waterfall

A new day, a new adventure. Today the journey will begin at the village of Tarung/Waitabar which is located just a few minutes west from Waikabubak. There are two villages at this place but they are built so close to each other that it will look like one big village. The village will give you a welcoming feeling while you look around.


Next on our adventure will be the La popu Waterfall. After a drive through the endless hilly and green landscape of Sumba, you will arrive nearby the waterfall. To visit the waterfall, you will need to do a small hike of approximately 15 minutes and cross a bamboo bridge to get there. There is a nice spot to sit down where you can watch the water find its way down the hill. You can also bring your swimming clothes to take a dive in the water just in front of the big waterfall and cool down after a long day of adventure.


Meals: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Accommodation: Hotel in West Sumba

Day 4: Hills of Wairinding - Sunset at Walakiri Beach

Today, you will be traveling from West to East Sumba. From Waikabubak to Waingapu. Gladly there are a lot of things to see on the way.


Your first destination will be the “Bukit Wairinding”, which means; the Hills of Wairinding. There is a spot where the view into these hills is amazing. You will be looking at green and endless hills. Sit down for a while in the grass and enjoy the moment.


Then, you will continue the trip to the west, you will see a lot of hills, nature, animals, locals and different villages.


The next stop is at Walakiri Beach. You will watch the Walakiri Beach sunset here while exploring the beach with its beautiful mangroves. Don’t hesitate and walk towards the small and magical trees which are growing inside the water. When the sun has disappeared, you will go back to the hotel where you can take a rest.


The final destination of today will be Waingapu the capital city of East-Sumba. Here you can take a rest at your hotel.


Meals: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Accommodation: Hotel in East Sumba

Day 5: Hills of Persaudaraan - Airport

The last day of this trip is here. So before you go to the airport, we want to show you one more spot which you will be visiting before you leave the island.


The “Bukit Persaudaraan”, the hills where you can stand on one of the highest points and have a look at the landscape which Sumba has to offer.


Unfortunately this trip also has an end. The driver will escort you to the airport to catch the flight to the next destination.


Meals: Breakfast

Accommodation: –

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