Walk in The Village of Sidemen

Trip Itinerary

Half Day Tour - Discover Sidemen Local Villagers and Rice Fields




Your driver will drop you in the village of Sangkan Gunung in Sidemen. Wayan or a member of his family will accompany you to cross the village. You will then be a spectator of typical Balinese life scenes like farmers working in the rice fields, children playing with each other in the village, women carrying water on their heads.


You could very well be actors also in these scenes of life. If you want to join the farmers in the fields, help the women to transport the water, to pick the flowers, to dry the rice, you are free to do so.


After 45 minutes of walking, you will arrive in Wayan Warung and his wife. You can then cool off, eat fruit, take a break and just take your time.


Then go back for a walk in the rice fields. Depending on your state of fatigue, the ride will be longer or shorter (30 minutes to 2 hours depending on you, depending on the moment).

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