Wellness in Bali

A perfect mixture between body treatment, spa, yoga, purification and sightseeing that will leave you speechless, refresh and full of memories before leaving the island to fly back home.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1: Denpasar - Ubud

Upon arrival in Denpasar Bali, you will be greeted by your driver and then transferred to Ubud, Bali’s cultural and wellness capital. Ubud is full of good spas and healthy restaurants.
Installation in your hotel: the five elements designed as a wellness complex.

– Body treatments inspired by tradition
– Raw, vegan and vegetarian food
– Clean water for consumption, play and general enjoyment
– Fresh air and natural light in indoor and outdoor spaces
– Engage activities for fitness and entertainment
– Beautiful and comfortable accommodation
– Prayer, meditation, ritual and educational opportunities

Night in Fivelements, 1 Bedroom Riverfront Suite

Day 2: Ubud

Morning yoga + free day + dinner.
Enjoy a morning yoga.  The practice of yoga offers ease in the body and tranquility in the mind. More than an exercise, it is a path to personal growth, greater awareness and self-love. Dedicated practice does not only lead to the flexibility of the body, but to the flexibility of mind; not only the strength of the body, but the strength of the character; not only the physical balance, but also the emotional balance. Yoga teachers of Fivelements each come from unique backgrounds and experiences in Bali and abroad and are dedicated to sharing the wisdom of yoga in its fullness as a practice that nourishes us deeply, teaching such valuable life skills that relaxation in the moment, patience, tranquility, non-violence, acceptance, contentment and more, as we move through stretching, breathing work and meditation. Then spend the day as you see fit to rest, walk, meditate or enjoy the facilities of the hotel. In the evening, enjoy a dinner at the hotel.

Day 3: Ubud Ritual

Departure from the hotel at 08H30 – Return 14H00.
After your breakfast at the hotel, departure for our very nice bike ride about 20 minutes from the center of Ubud. Accessible to all, you will discover the small village of Bongkasa; total communion with the population. We will continue our journey in the grandiose scenery of the rice fields. Frequent photo stops are planned to satisfy your curiosity and your desire to share this moment with your loved ones. A local lunch awaits us in a Balinese family. You will be able to discover the cuisine and the typical Bali welcome.


Blessing (Purification).
After cycling and lunch, we offer a purification at Mumbul Temple. An unforgettable moment of your stay in Bali. For the Blessing the sarong and offerings are included, we advise the customers to take spare clothes and/or swimsuit.


How is the purification?
The Balinese guide must first make an offering to the main temple so that he can then bathe in the pool and go under the fountains to pray. Putting your head under the fountains allows you to wash away the impure thoughts and internal demons we have. Your guide will explain with pleasure how to do and will do the purification with you. Attention we can not get into the water with swimsuit, the guide will provide you with a sarong and we advise you to take a t-shirt with short sleeve (no singlet) to enter the water. Moment rich in emotions. Be also aware that women cannot enter temples during their menstruation.

Night at the Fivelements

Day 4: Ubud Tour

Today you will go for a walk to visit the famous Ceking Rice Terraces. Then discover the Gunung Kawi temple. These magnificent temples are among the most fascinating in Bali. Dug into the rock and washed out by time, they will plunge you into another era. The Gunung Kawi Temples Complex is one of the oldest and most remarkable archaeological sites in Bali. Located on the banks of the Pakerisan River and sculpted in the mountains, these beautiful monuments are still used today as a Hindu place of worship. The beauty of these ruins dating back to the end of the 11th century has earned them international fame. Then, 10 minutes by car, you will discover the temple of Tirta Empul and its sacred springs. The Balinese come here to purify themselves.


Take the road towards the sacred sources of Sebatu. Away from the tourist routes, this religious complex with basins is one of the most beautiful and peaceful temples on the island. Hidden in lush vegetation, it was built on a sacred spring that emanated from the earth at this place. Water flows through beaks decorated in seven stone basins, built at different heights. Some are used for bathing the faithful while those closest to the source are reserved for ritual purposes. Entrances to the temples will be paid directly on site.


In the evening, attend a Balinese dance show.

Night at Fivelements.

Day 6: Ubud - Sakti Treatment

Enjoy the Sakti Ritual today.

Enjoy this ultimate experience, specifically designed to purify your essence on cellular, emotional and ethereal levels, while activating lasting beauty. Your journey begins with a deep body massage and muscle relaxation, followed by a remineralizing crystalline sea salt exfoliation infused with holy basil and lemongrass. Rich in minerals and healing properties, sea salt is the source of nature to help the skin stay hydrated and promote cell renewal, in addition to improving various skin conditions. 


To top it all off, a revitalizing bath ritual consisting of five powerful therapeutic ingredients: lemongrass to activate blood circulation, Balinese orange and lime for essential vitamins and pandan leaves and ginger to awaken your senses and lighten your head. You will leave this treatment luxuriously bursting and full of energy regenerative Sakti.

Night at Fivelements

Day 6: Ubud - Pemuteran

Go today to the west coast of Bali, Pemuteran.

On the way, stop at Jatiluwih Rice Paddies listed as UNESCO World Heritage where you can walk around the beautiful green rice fields and take gorgeous photos with your loved ones. You will then go hiking in the jungle to reach the Tamblingan Lake. You will be able to admire the local flora and fauna; tropical birds, orchids and giant trees. After a walk of about 2 hours, you will arrive at Tamblingan Lake. You will embark on a traditional canoe and your guide will take you through the sacred lake. This unforgettable experience will give you a pure moment of relaxation and will be a real return to nature.

Take the road back to your hotel.

Installation at Menjangan Dynasty (Beach Camp)

Day 7: Pemuteran - Menjangan Dynasty

Enjoy the peacefulness of Menjangan area.

Start your day with a morning yoga and continue the morning with a small trek in the forest. In the forest enjoy an afternoon out by canoe to see the mangrove.

Night at Menjangan Dynasty (Beach Camp)

Day 8: Pemuteran

Today is a relaxing day, enjoy a morning yoga and continue by a 120 minute refreshing beauty massage. Take the afternoon  to relax by the beach or the pool of your hotel. For sunset time enjoy a 1h30 horse riding  trek on the beach.

Night at Menjangan Dynasty (Beach Camp)

Day 9: Menjangan - Jimbaran

Wake up nicely for breakfast, enjoy a morning yoga. Later in morning or after lunch pack up to be on road for Jimbaran. Today your driver will take you to Jimbaran. You can then spend the afternoon of your trip to Indonesia, as you wish. During your free time you will be able to stroll in the city or enjoy the beach scenery. A must do in Jimbaran – fresh fish dinner on the beach.

Night at Miro’s

Day 10: Jimbaran - Denpasar Airport

Today your driver will pick you up to bring you back to the airport. You will leave Bali, full of memories, relaxed and beautifully healthy.

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