Our Sustainable Policy


AUTHENTIC INDONESIA operates in the country of Indonesia located in the pacific. Our destinations in Indonesia are: Bali, Java, Lombok, Flores, Sumatra and Sulawesi. We work with more than 10 local suppliers/partners around the country. We fight to run our business along ethical lines, embracing the three pillars of sustainability: economic, social and environmental. We seek to maximize the positive benefits received by local communities as a result of our presence, while minimizing any negative impacts. Whenever possible, we will work with local partners and suppliers who share our philosophy and actively monitor their business practices and services.


This policy details our commitment to deliver our services in a responsible manner, whilst providing an innovative and varied product offering to our valued clients. It addresses not only the areas where will endeavor to minimize damage to our environment, but also details the measures taken to guarantee the health and safety of our employees, those in our supply chain and our customers. Additionally, Authentic Indonesia is committed in developing, operating and marketing our tourism services in a sustainable manner. With this in mind, Authentic Indonesia has partnered with the ‘Travelife for Tour Operators and Travel Agents’ certification as well as ‘ATR’ for the French Tourism Responsible in order to achieve a certification/labellisation.



One of the things that makes Indonesia such a fascinating and exciting place is the boundless opportunities there are for cultural exchange. To celebrate this, we’ve worked hard to integrate immersive and mutually beneficial cultural experiences in all our tours.


Although similar at first glance, cultures, traditions and customs across the islands can vary substantially. For the most enriching experiences possible, we always encourage guests and clients to keep an open mind and respect local cultures.


Treading lightly means reducing our footprint in destinations. This entails anything from turning off idling engines and selecting eco-friendly transportation to use biodegradable cleaning products, properly disposing waste or recycling when possible.


Additionally, we carefully let and engage all our suppliers to ensure their practices are in line with our environmental standards while encouraging guests to select eco-friendly accommodation which we can happily arrange.


By supporting local charities, enterprises and organisations that contribute to environmental and cultural causes, we’re able to maximize the benefits that tourism has on locals and their economy.


Whenever possible, we encourage guests to partake in sustainable tourism activities, shop at fair-trade shops or dine in restaurants run by vocational institutions that train youths and disadvantaged peoples.


We are actively engage with Volunteer Programs in remoted school. We partner with travel with a mission for traveler who wishes to help make changes in small village.


We also give funding donation to Gurukula Bangli Orphanage to provide long term education for all the children.



By actively supporting community-based tourism projects alongside local and international development organisations, we help generate revenue in remote and impoverished communities in Indonesia.


These projects allow visitors to engage in unique and authentic cultural experiences while simultaneously helping to preserve local traditions, improve welfare and support environmental preservation.


Travelife is the travel industry’s leading international sustainability certification. It covers all aspects of the tourism supply chain from environmental issues, biodiversity and human rights to labour relations. It’s in full compliance with UN-supported Global Sustainable Tourism Council Criteria.


Here are some resources to help become better-informed about responsible travel and why it's such an important part of what we do at AUTHENTIC INDONESIA TRAVEL.