West Nusa Tenggara Calendar of Event 2024

The Provincial Government of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) annually releases the “West Nusa Tenggara Calendar of Event” which contains various interesting events and festivals held in the region. This document serves as a complete guide for local and foreign travelers who want to explore the beauty of NTB’s culture, traditions and unique nature.


With a variety of activities designed to cater to a wide range of interests, from cultural festivals to extreme sports, the NTB Calendar of Events is hopefully can be a magnet for visitors looking to have an unforgettable experience on NTB’s exotic islands.


This year’s NTB Calendar of Events 2024 contains around 36 activities to enliven the NTB tourism scene throughout the year. This event calendar includes various types of tourism activities, ranging from cultural events, sports to religious events.


Ballona Festival is part of west nusa tenggara calendar of event

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What are those events, here is the list:


  • In January 2024, the Porsche Sprint Challenge begins at the Pertamina Mandalika International Circuit in Central Lombok.


  • In February, there is the Sandeka Ponan activity, in Moyo Hilir, Sumbawa Besar Regency, February 11, 2024. Bau Nyale Festival at Seger Beach, Central Lombok Regency, February 16-17, 2024. And Merumatta Coast Trail at Senggigi Beach, West Lombok, February 25, 2024.


  • In March, the NTB Provincial Government held the Enchantment of Ramadan Khazanah in Mataram City. During this time, the focus of activities at the Islamic Center.


  • In April, there are Rimpu Mantika Festival activities at Lawata Beach in Bima City, Pacoa Jara in Dompu and Lebaran Topat in West Lombok. Furthermore, MXGP Samota on June 30 at the Samota Circuit, Sumbawa. Sukarara Begawai Jelo Nyesek in July in Central Lombok.


  • Melala Festival on July 6 in Sumbawa. MXGP Lombok on July 7 at the former Selaparang Airport Circuit. Shell Eco Marathon on July 26 at Mandalika Circuit.


  • Pringgasela Village Cultural Alunan on July 12-20 in East Lombok, Lakey Festival on July 25-28 in Dompu Regency. Sail Boat Race at Elak-Elak Beach in West Lombok on August 25. Gili Festival in September at Gili Trawangan in North Lombok.


  • Ballona Festival at Kertasari Beach on September 1-15 in West Sumbawa Regency. Mandalika MotoGP on September 27-29 at Mandalika Circuit. Lombok Sumbawa Fair on September 27-29 at Mandalika. Senggigi Sunset Jazz at Kerandangan Beach on September 29. Pacoa Jara October in Dompu Regency.


  • Alunan Budaya Pengadangan on October 16 in East Lombok. Topat War on September 19 in Lingsar, West Lombok Regency. Lombok Sumbawa Tenun Festival on September in Mataram City.


  • Karakat Beach Enchantment in December in East Lombok. Maloka Cultural Festival in East Lombok is also held in December. Bayan Traditional Maulid in North Lombok and Lombok Sharia Festival.


Hopefully, the launch of the West Nusa Tenggara Calendar of Events 2024 can increase the number of domestic and foreign tourists to West Nusa Tenggara Province.

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