Tanjung Lesung as The Next New Bali

Located in the western part of Java Island, Tanjung Lesung, which is hailed as the next new Bali, is a paradise of white sandy beaches and pristine seas. Just a 3-hour drive from Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, It is already a popular destination for locals but less so for international visitors. Tanjung Lesung also provides a closer alternative route for those wishing to visit the Krakatau.


Tanjung Lesung is an area that is being developed by the government to become the largest sea-based tourist city closest to Jakarta. This is because many people still like sea-based tourist attractions.


Currently, the other option is Bali, which is quite costly in terms of transportation, especially for people living in Jakarta and its surroundings. So in the future Tanjung Lesung can be a relatively efficient choice of beach tourist destinations to reach because it can be accessed using private vehicles from Jakarta and nearby.


tanjung lesung beach scenery which is very beautiful

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Tanjung Lesung is located about 170 km southwest of Jakarta, precisely in Banten Province and covers 1,500 hectares of untouched peninsula facing the Indian Ocean. It is accessible by toll road from Jakarta in about 3.5 hours.


Tanjung Lesung is planned to be a first-class international resort that combines the feel of Bali with Venice. A number of facilities have already been developed in the form of road infrastructure, transportation and accommodation to make easy to connect among hotels, condominiums, beach clubs and apartments, with white sandy beaches, as well as a Venetian-style city center.


beautiful view of Tanjung lesung from one of the hotel

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As one of the areas that is part of the Indonesian government program of the next New Bali, Tanjung Lesung will continue to be developed both in terms of accommodation and in terms of other tourist support facilities. For example, approximately 1,000 seaside residences, beach club and an international standard golf course will be built, which are later surrounded by beautiful residential areas and scenic views.


Tanjung Lesung has various exciting attractions that visitors can choose during vacation there. Visitors can swim at the clear beach, enjoy sunrise and sunset with the beautiful background of the Krakatau Volcano, touring the beach area by bicycle or ATV, see the underwater ‘paradise’ by snorkeling, playing jetski or banana boat, enjoy the beautiful islands around, explore Ujung Kulon National Park or visit the unique Baduy Village.

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