5 Most Beautiful Mountains in Flores

Some of the most beautiful mountains in Flores offers stunning natural scenery, captivating every eye with its unparalleled panoramic beauty.


Flores Island, located in East Nusa Tenggara Province, has stunning natural scenery ranging from the sea, mountains, forests and everything in between. Besides being known for its panoramic sea views, culture and religion, Flores Island also offers a series of beautiful mountains that cannot be missed by climbers.


These five most beautiful mountains in Flores must be conquered by climbers


The mountains provide unforgettable challenges for climbers. The characteristics of each mountain are different ranging from history, hiking trails, soil conditions and altitude above sea level.


1. Mount Inerie


beautiful inerie mountain in flores

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Mount Inerie is a stratovolcano and most of the forests area around the Mount Inerie are at an altitude of 1000-1500 MDPL. Mount Inerie is quite crowded with climbers ranging from locals to foreigners. The peak of this mountain is the highest point on Flores Island. No wonder, Inerie is one of the most beautiful sunrise spots on Flores Island. In addition to the beauty of the natural panorama, the hiking trail that must be passed is also quite an adrenaline rush. To be able to see the sunrise view above the summit of Mount Inerie, it is best to climb at dawn around 03.00 Wita from Bajawa City. The climb is usually accompanied by local guides who understand the climbing route.


2. Mount Ranaka


stunning ranaka mountain in manggarai flores

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Mount Ranaka is a volcano located in Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. The mountain, which is about 2140 meters high, is one of the mountains that is often climbed by visitors. The ascent journey of Mount Ranaka is 9 km to the top of the mountain and the hiking trail is mostly through the forest area. The mountain is home to many unique flora and fauna. At the top of the mountain you will see a very beautiful natural scenery, watching the view of Ruteng, Borong and Iteng City. At the foot of the mountain there is a lake as a source of drinking water for wild animals. Mount Ranaka was recorded to have last erupted on January 11, 1988 with the height of the eruption reaching 8,000 meters and also accompanied by hot clouds that led to the village of Wae Rebo to the north of the volcano.


3. Mount Ebulobo


beautiful volcano of mount ebulobo in flores

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Mount Ebulobo is also known as Emburombu or Puncak Nagekeo. This mountain is a stratovolcano located in the southern part of Nagekeo Regency, Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Mount Ebulobo rises above an altitude of 2,124 MDPL, along with the upper plane of a flat-shaped lava dome. Eruptive events have been recorded since 1830, including lava melting on the northern slopes and explosive eruptions at the top of the crater. Climbing Mount Ebulobo requires extra effort to get to the top of the mountain. Mount Ebulobo’s hiking trails are mostly dirt and sandy paths, with occasional gravel.


4. Mount Lewotobi


lewotobi volcano in flores

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Mount Lewotobi is one of the andesitic type strato volcanoes located in the eastern part of Flores Island. Mount Lewotobi is often called a twin volcano because it has two peaks, Mount Lewotobi Male at 1584 meters above sea level/5,196 feet and Mount Lewotobi Female at 1703 meters above sea level/5,587 feet in the south. The two mountains are only separated by a distance of 2 kilometers. The crater at the top of Lewotobi Male is 400 meters in diameter, while the crater at the top of Lewotobi Female is 700 meters in diameter.


5. Mount Egon


Mount Egon is a volcano located in Sikka Regency, Flores Island

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Mount Egon is a volcano located in Sikka Regency, Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia. It has an altitude of 1661 meters above sea level. Mount Egon became active again in 2006 after a 75-year hiatus. Egon was recorded to have erupted violently in 1925. This mountain is considered sacred by the local villagers. It is said that on this mountain there is a seven-headed snake where if this seven-headed snake comes out and appears to the mountain guard, it is a sign that Mount Egon will soon erupt. For this reason, people around Mount Egon always give offerings in the form of gold, pigs, brown rice, tuak and eggs. These offerings along with the ceremony are always preceded by Du’a Mapi Giek Mo’an Tanah Gahar. This is intended to ask for the protection of the mountain guardian spirits from volcanic disasters.



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