Expectations VS Realities Holiday in Bali

Seeing vacation photos of Bali widely spread on social media will certainly make you impatient to be able to do the same, right? Well, before going on vacation to this beautiful island, you better first read some of the expectations vs realities having a holiday in Bali that will make you surprised. Here they are!



EXPECTATION: There is no halal food or it is difficult to find real halal food in Bali
The majority of Balinese are Hindus so most of the variety of Balinese culinary cant guarantee halal food. Looking for halal food in Bali is a difficult thing to do. Even there is a halal food, usually only sell by a roadside stall.


halal foods are easy to find in bali

Credit: HaveHalalWillTravel


REALITY: It is very easy too find halal food in Bali
In fact, halal food stalls are very easy to find in Bali. Not just roadside stalls but also nice restaurants with awesome views.



EXPECTATION: Vacation to Bali will spend quite a lot of savings
Having vacation to Bali will cost you lot of money from your savings. Apart from transportation service, accommodations in Bali are also expensive. Not to mention the entrance ticket to some tourist attractions that are quite expensive as well. So, you have to save a lot first before going to Bali for holiday.


no need saving a lot of money if want to go to bali

Credit: MyDiscoveries


REALITY: Bali is one of backpackers favorite tourist destination
In fact, Bali is one of favorite tourist destination for backpackers. You don’t have to save that much to have vacation in Bali. To save your money, you can go to Bali in low season. As for accommodation, starting from IDR100.000 you can already stay at one of good hostels in Bali. You can also do various low cost activities in Bali if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on entrance tickets.



EXPECTATION: Beach is the only tourist attraction in Bali
Bali is indeed identical with beaches. No wonder there are so many interesting beach as tourist attraction in Bali. Those beaches are the only attractive tourist destination in Bali and surely it won’t be enough for a week to explore all the beaches on this paradise island.


bali is not always about beaches

Credit: BaliIndonesia


REALITY: Lakes, Mountains, Waterfalls and  National Park are the other destinations shouldn’t be missed in Bali.
In fact, Bali is not only about the beach. There are lakes, mountains, waterfalls and the West Bali National Park which are still rarely visited. Basically, when visiting Bali you can explore the other destinations besides the beaches itself.



EXPECTATION: All of the beaches in Bali were crowded by foreigners
Because Bali famous for its beaches, no wonder that the beaches in Bali are always crowded with foreigners. If you want to relax yourself, probably beaches in Bali are not very suitable for your vacation spot.


there are so many hidden beaches in bali

Credit: Brilio


REALITY: Bali has so many hidden beaches that rarely visited
Don’t worry, there are various hidden but best beaches in Bali which names you may not even heard before. Especially in the areas of North Bali and West Bali where the tourists are not as many as the ones in southern or eastern part of Bali. Such as Yeh Leh Beach, Nyang-Nyang Beach, Suluban Beach and Atuh Beach.



EXPECTATION: Shopping for souvenirs in traditional market to skimp
Shopping the souvenirs for families or relatives must be carried out in traditional markets in order to get the cheapest price. Among those are Sukawati Market, Kumbasari Market, Badung Market and Sindu Market.


bali traditional market for souvenirs

Credit: BaliTripHolidays


REALITY: You have to be good at bargaining to get the best price at local market
Price at traditional markets is not always cheap. To get the best price, you also need to bargain the items before purchased it. In that way, you can get the best price for souvenirs. But keep in mind to bid politely. In addition, bargain only for the items that you really want to buy.



EXPECTATION: To have vacation with calm atmosphere, then just come to Ubud
Ubud is indeed famous for its calm atmosphere. So, everyone will definitely recommended to visit Ubud whenever wanting a vacation with peaceful and calming atmosphere.


munduk village tourist attraction in bali

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REALITY: Other than Ubud, there are so many hidden places in Bali with calm and more peaceful atmosphere.
Ubud is well known by most of the people, domestic and foreigners. To be able to feel a calm vacation in Ubud you need to plan it as best you can. Avoid vacationing to Ubud in high season because this area will become crowded by tourists. But don’t worry, in West part of Bali there are many tourist destinations which are still rarely visited by tourists. One recommended area is the village above the clouds, called Munduk Village located in Buleleng Regency. Guaranteed, the atmosphere there will be so relaxing.