Banjarmasin Floating Market Tourism Culture Festival 2019

The South Kalimantan Tourism Agency once again held the Floating Market Tourism Culture Festival as an effort to promote tourism and culture derived from the local wisdom. The Floating Market Tourism Cultural Festival 2019 is scheduled to be held on August 23-25, 2019 on the banks of the Martapura River and on Jalan Pierre Tendean Banjarmasin.


As a cultural and artistic performance event, the festival which has entered its 11th year, will be participated by various regions around South Kalimantan. Including several other regions in Indonesia.


The 2019 Floating Market Festival in Banjarmasin is a traditional market located on the Barito River. All traders and buyers here use Jukung (traditional wooden boat) to peddle and search for merchandise. Usually the tourists who come to Banjarmasin City will definitely take their time to visit this floating market because it is a unique market that only one to exist in Indonesia.


the uniqueness of kalimantan selatan floating market

Credit: Netz


Floating market is a traditional market where all activities are carried out on water or by boat. The unique and distinctive floating market atmosphere is to jostle between large and small boats. They are looking for mutual buyers and sellers who are always milling around the river.


Interestingly, in this floating market there is still a barter method between traders. There are no merchant organizations, so the number of those who trading on the river are countless. They came to sell and disperse themselves immediately when the morning sun began to blaze.


sasirangan traditional cloth festival in banjarmasin

Credit: Redaksi8


The Floating Market Festival 2019 will feature various interesting activities including the Cultural Parade, the Banjar Fashion Carnival, the Hadad Sinoman Festival, the Balogo Traditional Game, the Banjar Village Culinary Festival, the Sasirangan Traditional Cloth Festival, Competitions for the Best Hotels and Chef Restaurants, Traditional Jukung Boat Decorations as well as Photography.


The Banjarmasin Floating Market Tourism Festival 2019 is one of 100 Wonderful Indonesia Calendar of Events 2019.