10 Reasons You Should Consider A Flores Honeymoon

Talking about honeymoon destinations in Indonesia, most people will certainly recommend Bali or Lombok. Even though, Indonesia still has many hidden paradises as the right spots for honeymooners and one of them is the Flores Island.


Flores is not as popular as Bali and Lombok when it comes to best honeymoon places in Indonesia. In fact, Flores has all the world-class tourist attractions which is not enough to enjoy in a short time.


If usually we can be pleased with enjoying a tourist area in 3-5 days, then enjoying the nature of Flores seems to require more time than that. Why? Because every curve of these islands has an attraction that cannot be missed.


Moreover, touring around Flores region requires a fit body and extra energy, because of the hot contours of the area and covered in savanna forests, and because tourists will spend most of their time on a ship.


Here are 10 reasons you should consider a Flores Honeymoon Trip and why it should be on your travel list.



1. Best Spot to Take Pictures


gili lawa is the best spot to take pictures

Credit: Backpacker Jakarta


Flores has hundreds of islands that are scattered but close together. This causes the underwater contours to have a perfect color gradient for photography lovers. From the first day you take your trip, a group of beautiful islands will stretch out as far as the eye can see.


Not to mention when the ship is docked, you can explore the clean shoreline and see the gurgling of pearls above the calm sea water due to the reflection of the sun. The best spots to capture pictures on the shoreline are on Pink Beach and Namo Beach because the color of the sand is pink, unique and different from most beaches.


Continue to the trekking experience. The best spots for trekking are along the peaks of Gili Lawa and Padar Island. On this romantic trip, you will find lots of luxurious sceneries that spoil the eyes to be used as objects of photography.



2. Unforgettable Snorkeling Experience


Unforgettable Snorkeling Experience

Credit: Nusa Penida Islands


It is not only the panoramic views over the sea that will amaze you. With the contours of the archipelago, making Flores has a variety of collections of coral reefs, which are well presented with various marine biotas. Simply by snorkeling, you can see clown fish clustered neatly and stare shyly. The best spots to choose from are Satonda Island, Beach Pink and Namo Beach.


Not only reefs and marine fishes, at a location called Manta Point you can see Manta fish 3-8 meters wide with only naked eye because they often swim to sea surface.


Try to swim for a while together at Manta Point, then you will be surprised by the dozens of Mantas swimming around you or even swimming above your head. A truly unforgettable experience. However, you have to be careful when snorkeling at Manta Point because the currents are quite strong.



3. Incredible Underwater Attraction when Diving


Underwater Attraction at Adonara Island Flores

Credit: TRAVLR Indonesia


Diving in Flores is a mandatory destination for underwater lovers. There are many diving equipment rentals near the port of Labuan Bajo. The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) and Scuba Schools International (SSI) have also opened many courses in Labuan Bajo area.


The best spots for diving in the islands of Flores are Adonara Island, Babi Island, Lambata Island, Pangah Balang and Wai Terang. Unfortunately, the currents in Flores waters area are quite strong so it is recommended that you should not dive alone and must be accompanied by a certified diver.



4. Komodo Dragons


honeymoon in flores to see komodo dragons

Credit: Pinterest


This is the main icon why you should honeymoon in Flores, especially to Komodo Island and Rinca Island. Because these two islands are the only places in the world that still have ancient animals, Komodo dragons.


Komodo Island is the first largest island compared to Rinca Island, but has almost as many Komodo dragons. Komodo dragons on Rinca Island are known to be more aggressive and easier to find than on Komodo Island.


If you want to meet this ancient animal, you will be invited to do trekking by the tour guides there. There are several trekking path options depend on the distance which can be selected during a tour on Komodo Island.



5. Lost in Komodo, Back to Old Lifestyle


Live on a boat for honeymoon trip in flores

Credit: Sailing Komodo


It is certainly a different and unforgettable experience for some couples who honeymoon in Flores. Live on a boat and spend days there while only accompanied by views of the ocean and a row of islands. You will be amazed and at the same time learn to live without a telecommunication signal so that it feels like you are lost in the world.


You have to get used to sleep under the stars and the waves and the warm sea breeze. Not to mention the sunrise atmosphere that spoils the eyes when you wake up in the morning, making the honeymoon to this area a special memory.


As much as possible, keep your cellphone away from your daily life in Flores, except for taking pictures, because this is the time for you and your partner to really unwind and enjoy a romantic trip together.



6. Harmonious Country Life


visit flores tradisional village during honeymoon journey

Credit: Pinterest


Trekking across the countryside, will remind you of old times. You can see traditional houses that are still standing strong even though they were built hundreds of years ago. A harmonious rural life with livelihoods dominated by the agrarian sector has become a symbol that the people in Flores are very one with nature.



7. Witness the Caci Cambuk Dance (Whip War)


Witness the Caci Cambuk War Dance in Flores

Credit: Wikipedia


Whip war is a traditional martial art from Flores that combines martial arts movements with dancing, singing and fighting attractions. Two fighters who fight and injure become part of the action of this game. They would take turns to attack each other’s bodies with whips. It’s a little scary watching this show, but it’s also an exciting experience that you should see.



8. The Amazing Lake Kelimutu


Honeymoon in Lake Kelimutu Flores

Credit: Kadek Arini


It is already well known that Flores has Mount Kelimutu which is surrounded by three colored lakes. Of course, this is one of the mandatory places that you must visit when having honeymoon in Flores. Each lake has its own beautiful color, ranging from blue, brownish red to bright green. Best time to visit this one of the best Flores honeymoon destinations is when the sunrise has cleared the fog barrier.



9. The Best White Sand Beaches in Indonesia


flores best white sand beaches resort for honeymooners

Credit: Agoda


You can choose the Komodo Resort and Diving Club residence as a resting location which is said to be similar to the atmosphere of the waters territorial in Maldives. This bungalow is located on one of the quiet islands with the best white sand beaches in Indonesia. This place is of course perfect for you and your partner to spend time without the hustle and bustle of the big city.



10. Best Place for Honeymooners


honeymoon in sebayur island

Credit: Follow Me 212


The reason why you should consider Flores as a honeymoon destination is of course because this place is indeed the best place to spend a romantic evening with your partner. The quiet atmosphere of Sebayur Island is perfect for honeymooners. The calm and serene atmosphere will make you both feel like you are on a private island.