Gili’s Sunset

Gili’s sunset

Gili Islands have many excellent thing to explore about, from sunset to sunrise, from land to under water. The Trio have become the higher class of tourist destination in Lombok with almost a million people come and visit. Famed for its lively, party atmosphere, chilled out vibes, sensational scuba spots and of course its crimson sunsets, its no surprise that the Gili’s remain the top of most peoples Indonesian itinerary and continues to attract travelers from far and wide.


gili's sunset


There is nothing quite like the golden glow of a Gili’s sunset as the sun bathes the powdery sands and sweeps the shallow shores. Whether you are enjoying the day’s end from a beachfront BBQ restaurant, or from the comfort of a lounger, cocktail in hand overlooking the Java sea, the sunset is not to be missed.


enjoying gili trawangan sunset


The Gili are blessed with beautiful sunsets almost every night and there are many beachfront locations dotted along the west coast where they can be enjoyed. Weather you are on Gili Air, Gili Trawangan or Gili Meno, each offers one of the best sunset view for sunsets. Sit and relax at sunset point to take the most amazing photo.

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