Diving in Flores

The best spots for diving in Flores

Without doubt Flores is one of the most interesting and most beautiful islands of Indonesia. There are so many beautiful spots for diving in Flores. But do you know which ones are the best? Here are four of them.


1. Pink Beach




Nowadays Pink Beach is starting to become popular among the people. The pink color of the beach’s sand looks unusual but looks beautiful even though seen from a distance. Not only the pink sand, if you try diving into it, you will be fascinated by the beauty of the underwaterworld of Pink Beach. There are many colorful fish dancing under the water. Colorful coral reefs also show their coloring beauty. In fact, because there are so many coral reefs live under the sea, the sea floor was invisible. It is like a natural carpet. Diving under the sea of ​​Pink Beach indeed will bring you as if entering the Flores underwater kingdom.



2. Bidadari Island


bidadari island flores


The 15-hectare island is located in the north of Labuan Bajo, Flores. If using a speedboat, it only takes about 15 minutes. The place is suitable for beginners divers and the underwater scenery is very beautiful. A deserted atmosphere enveloped the plains of Angel Island. Apparently, this atmosphere is in contrast to the underwater conditions of Bidadari Island. There are dozens of tourists diving enjoying the beauty of the underwater world. It is said to be suitable for beginner divers because the flow around the island is so calm. Also all beautiful reefs and colorful fish are not too far from sea level. So, you don’t need to dive deeply to see its beauty.


3. Maumere Bay


maumere bay


Apart from Angel Island and Pink Beach, there is other diving spot sure to amaze, the Maumere Bay. It is located in the Maumere region, East Flores. Maumere is the largest city on the island of Flores. Visiting the area you will be greet by friendly residents of Maumere. Soon you can also start diving to see the underwater inhabitants. There are so many beautiful coral reefs and colorful fish. Maumere Bay also offer a diversity of marine life that you may rarely encounter. Yes, in Maumere Bay you can dive with seahorses and various other beautiful fish. Divers can also meet various shells, such as pearl shells as well as swim with cute dolphins.


4. Kanawa Island


kanawa island flores

Image Source: Flickr

Another place in Flores that holds stunning underwater kingdom is Kanawa Island. It is not an inhabited island and only occupied by tourists and hotel staff. Discover colorful coral reefs and enjoy dancing with cute fish here. The Kanawa Sea can be dived by anyone from beginner divers to professionals. Divers also do not need to go far to find a diving location filled with beautiful biota, just swim 10 meters from the beach and the beauty already there.



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