Cycling Around The Gili Islands

Cycling in Gili

In Gili Islands (Trawangan, Meno & Air) there are only three types of transport, walking, horse drawn cart and bicycles. The most used in each of the island is bikes and that is another reason why the islands are pollution free and nature friendly. Cycling across the islands can not only provide the visitors with a chance to see places more clearly, but also add to the adventure and fun of the trips.


cycling around the islanf of gilis


The main roads in Gili are narrow and flat and are either dirt, cobble stones, cement or sand, depending on which area you are in. A very easy, slow, leisurely riding pace will take you no more than two hours to complete the entire circuit. The best part about cycling in Gili is how easy it is to handle as it can take you to the most narrow pathways and can be parked anywhere.




It is not at all difficult cycling in Gili. In fact, it is the most amazing experience everyone can enjoy on the beautiful island. Feeling the atmosphere and the fresh breeze from the sea adds fun and pleasure to the bike journeys and you can go almost anywhere you need. Gili Islands definitely will offer you the most spectacular sights on the way. Riding the bicycle for the Island tour is best in a way that you can stop anywhere, sit and snack and then hop on again. Sunset watching, an evening with friends, racing and speeding on bikes in the middle of the Island is something one can never forget.

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